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* Remove all references to ctools_dependent_process, plus fix some missing item...Earl Miles2011-03-171-1/+0
* Merge ksenzee/views3ui github master branch into 7.x-3.xMarco Villegas2011-02-251-2/+2
| * Move field options form items into fieldsets for better UX.Katherine Senzee2011-01-101-2/+2
| * Initial commit of CVS checkout.Katherine Senzee2010-11-111-0/+42
* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* #667950 by merlinofchaos, bojanz and dereine: Revert the states patch and use...Daniel Wehner2010-11-051-0/+1
* #667950 by damZ, dereine: Port #dependency form elements to #states.Daniel Wehner2010-10-171-1/+0
* #586668: Pagers turned into plugins to allow all kinds of new fun stuff with ...Daniel Wehner2010-02-061-3/+3
* This commit was manufactured as part of Drupal's Great Git Migration toThe Great Git Migration2009-10-051-0/+42