BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.x-1.xFix facebook getPostId method.Max Petyurenko3 years
8.x-1.xUpdate to 1.19Bram ten Hove2 days
8.x-2.xUpdate to 2.3 [ci skip]Bram ten Hove2 days
feature/DS-4880-core-security-updateUp install profile version name to 1.10 [ci skip]Bram ten Hove5 months
feature/drupal-update-april-25Drupal Core security update 8.5.3Bram ten Hove3 months
psa-2018-001#2956045 by bramtenhove: Drupal Core security update 8.4.6Bram ten Hove4 months
1.19.0commit 97c00ef8d5...Bram ten Hove2 days
8.x-1.19commit 97c00ef8d5...Bram ten Hove2 days
2.3.0commit c36d535835...Bram ten Hove2 days
8.x-2.3commit c36d535835...Bram ten Hove2 days
2.2.0commit 30b610ddac...Bram ten Hove8 days
8.x-2.2commit 30b610ddac...Bram ten Hove8 days
2.1.0commit 0a2edee5c7...Bram ten Hove5 weeks
8.x-2.1commit 0a2edee5c7...Bram ten Hove5 weeks
1.18.0commit 907903b9b5...Bram ten Hove6 weeks
8.x-1.18commit 907903b9b5...Bram ten Hove6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysUpdate to 2.3 [ci skip]HEAD8.x- ten Hove3-3/+3
3 daysMerge pull request #985 from goalgorilla/feature/DS-5825-revertBram ten Hove7-181/+26
3 daysRevert "Merge pull request #952 from goalgorilla/feature/2984188-move-content...Bram ten Hove7-181/+26
5 daysDS-5768 by jaapjan: fix landing-page-create test by adding '@javascript' tag....Jaap Jan1-9/+1
8 daysUpdate to 2.2 [ci skip]8.x- ten Hove1-1/+1
8 daysChange the build-social.make git branch to 2.x [ci skip]Bram ten Hove1-1/+1
8 daysMerge pull request #952 from goalgorilla/feature/2984188-move-content-no-groupBram ten Hove7-26/+181
9 days#2984188 by bramtenhove: Store if the content is new and do not invoke the mo...Bram ten Hove2-4/+17
9 daysMerge branch '8.x-2.x' into feature/2984188-move-content-no-groupBram ten Hove71-114/+290
9 daysMerge pull request #901 from goalgorilla/feature/DS-5586-gdpr-behat-testsBram ten Hove8-0/+454