BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3014649-multiple-variaths-uiMultiple variants UI WIPPawel G3 weeks
3017271-views-supportImprove views UI textPawel G12 days
8.x-1.xChanging file name SimpleSitemapTest.php to SimplesitemapTest.php.Pawel G3 years
8.x-2.xIssue #2974760 by elimw, harysh, Menu child items are not generatedewong-dh9 months
8.x-3.xIssue #3018715 by WalkingDexter, thalles: Coding standards on EntityHelperWalkingDexter25 hours
8.x-3.1commit 0df8ac5b74...Pawel G5 days
8.x-3.0commit 6b36a1fce8...gbyte.co3 months
8.x-3.0-rc4commit 60b09f4d40...gbyte.co3 months
8.x-3.0-rc3commit 0dd61d1956...Pawel G4 months
8.x-3.0-rc2commit 50ecd055f9...Pawel G4 months
8.x-3.0-rc1commit 78fa4dd728...Pawel G4 months
8.x-2.12commit ce20a67278...Pawel G11 months
8.x-2.11commit cc325973ad...Pawel G15 months
8.x-2.10commit 7066cd20ba...Pawel G18 months
8.x-2.9commit 97c92cbd96...Pawel G24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
25 hoursIssue #3018715 by WalkingDexter, thalles: Coding standards on EntityHelperHEAD8.x-3.xWalkingDexter1-2/+38
5 daysClean up8.x-3.1Pawel G5-6/+4
8 daysIssue #3037353 by volkerk: Self closing br not allowed in translation importPawel G6-15/+15
9 daysUpdate documentationPawel G1-1/+9
10 daysSpell "Sitemap" in "Simple XML Sitemap" with capital letter.Pawel G10-14/+14
12 daysImprove views UI text3017271-views-supportPawel G3-6/+6
12 daysDeduplicate code and make sure to set default variant on views formPawel G2-34/+42
12 daysMerge branch '8.x-3.x' into 3017271-views-supportPawel G12-73/+112
2019-02-28Several functional tests [2].A.Tymchuk4-1/+278
2019-02-22Fix hook documentationPawel G1-4/+4