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Issue #2886818 by skek: Wrong fragments in README.txt file
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@@ -97,19 +97,14 @@ without enabling the Memcache lock implementation can cause worse performance.
Only change the following values if you're sure you know what you're doing,
which requires reading the code.
-The value passed to lock_acquire, defaults to '15':
- $conf['memcache_stampede_semaphore'] = 15;
+The value passed to Drupal\Core\Lock\LockBackendInterface::wait(), defaults to 5:
+ $settings['memcache']['stampede_wait_time'] = 5;
-The value passed to lock_wait, defaults to 5:
- $conf['memcache_stampede_wait_time'] = 5;
-The maximum number of calls to lock_wait() due to stampede protection during a
-single request, defaults to 3:
- $conf['memcache_stampede_wait_limit'] = 3;
+The maximum number of calls to Drupal\Core\Lock\LockBackendInterface::wait() due
+to stampede protection during a single request, defaults to 3:
+ $settings['memcache']['stampede_wait_limit'] = 3;
When adjusting these variables, be aware that:
- - there is unlikely to be a good use case for setting wait_time higher
- than stampede_semaphore;
- wait_time * wait_limit is designed to default to a number less than
standard web server timeouts (i.e. 15 seconds vs. apache's default of
30 seconds).