BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
8.x-1.xIssue #2675498 by BryanDeNijs: Fixed infinite loop when there's only one phra...Luciano Cossich Sales3 years
8.x-1.0-alpha2commit c95973e0a0...Luciano Cossich Sales4 years
8.x-1.0-alpha1commit dace0eb9d5...Luciano Cossich Sales4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-08-23Issue #2675498 by BryanDeNijs: Fixed infinite loop when there's only one phra...HEAD8.x-1.xLuciano Cossich Sales1-1/+1
2016-02-29Issue [#2675484] by BryanDeNijs: Fixed line endings are sometimes not explode...Luciano Cossich Sales2-19/+1
2015-06-16Added a call to hook_help(), default menu link to settings page, and improved...Luciano Cossich Sales3-1/+36
2015-06-08Included templating plus a small change following Cossich Sales3-9/+68
2015-05-20Readme updated.Luciano Cossich Sales1-6/+10
2015-05-19Testing class is complete.8.x-1.0-alpha1Luciano Cossich Sales1-17/+54
2015-05-18Added permissions with default settings on install.Luciano Cossich Sales5-3/+24
2015-05-16By Luco: New Lorem ipsum block allows users to generate lorem ipsum via a han...Luciano Cossich Sales4-8/+83
2015-05-14Begin block and tests.Luciano Cossich Sales4-3/+121
2015-05-10Fixing default settings.Luciano Cossich Sales4-19/+28