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authorCzövek András2011-05-13 14:26:02 (GMT)
committerCzövek András2011-05-13 14:26:02 (GMT)
commit58c8b675e26f50cd726c9f26eed83244b17e9640 (patch)
parent034c805a9c126758a1f991b6293911b8ee99e489 (diff)
Issue #1155560 by czigor: Fix for settings page with deleted field instances.
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/corresponding_node_references.module b/corresponding_node_references.module
index 63d742a..96c4bbe 100644
--- a/corresponding_node_references.module
+++ b/corresponding_node_references.module
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ function corresponding_node_references_permission() {
function corresponding_node_references_settings_form() {
$form['intro'] = array('#markup' => t('Check which node references should listen to each other. When checking a check box a reference on node type A to node B will automatically update the node reference field on node B adding an entrie which points to node A.'));
- $result = db_query("SELECT field_name, data FROM {field_config} WHERE type = :type", array(':type' => 'node_reference'));
+ $result = db_query("SELECT field_name, data FROM {field_config} WHERE type = :type AND deleted = 0", array(':type' => 'node_reference'));
foreach ($result as $row) {
$data = unserialize($row->data);
foreach ($data['settings']['referenceable_types'] as $reference) {