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* Moved theme settings styles to their own stylesheet.JohnAlbin2007-12-091-5/+0
* Limited admin section styles to content area.JohnAlbin2007-12-091-7/+7
* #121991: Source rendering order needs adjustment and #110897: oversize conten...JohnAlbin2007-11-291-0/+672
* Create starter theme; migrate current style to a sub-themeJohnAlbin2007-11-061-690/+0
* #100894: For SEO, H1#site-name should be div#site-name strongJohnAlbin2007-10-151-1/+1
* #118467 by leandrosiow: Screen redraw errors with resizable textareas in FirefoxJohnAlbin2007-10-151-4/+0
* #154937: add skip navigation for screen readers/mobility impairedJohnAlbin2007-10-151-0/+45
* Fixed display of ul.links li for primary and secondary links.JohnAlbin2007-10-141-6/+5
* #110553: Use png instead of gif for imagesJohnAlbin2007-10-141-1/+1
* #120052: Add linux fontsJohnAlbin2007-10-141-20/+15
* #121101: zen.css does not validateJohnAlbin2007-10-141-5/+7
* #122938: Enabling CSS aggregation messes up the CSS in SafariJohnAlbin2007-10-141-2/+0
* Added trailing returns to CSS files.JohnAlbin2007-10-121-1/+1
* Changed 0px to 0 and added space after colon in declarations.JohnAlbin2007-10-111-114/+114
* #119270: profile pictures indentingJohnAlbin2007-10-111-4/+0
* #118170 by mr700: blockquote css border has two widthsJohnAlbin2007-10-111-1/+1
* Moved CVS Id tag to top of file.JohnAlbin2007-10-111-3/+1
* #182130 by joachim: links in h2 and h3 different sizesJohnAlbin2007-10-111-4/+16
* Removed extra spaces/tabs from css files. Fixed comments in css files.JohnAlbin2007-10-111-41/+41
* Moving styles from zen.css to style.css so that these styles can be loaded last.Jeff Robbins2007-01-281-0/+649