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* #263228: Allow sub-themes to override wireframes.cssJohnAlbin2008-09-141-0/+1
* #260605: Can't override block-editing.cssJohnAlbin2008-09-141-0/+1
* Moved some comments from zen to STARTERKIT where they belong.JohnAlbin2008-09-111-31/+67
* Removed references to template-menus.php.JohnAlbin2008-09-111-2/+2
* Removed theme_username from STARTERKIT and zen_classic since it was fixed in ...JohnAlbin2008-09-111-45/+0
* #306856: Optimize code by adding conditional includes; refactored zen_setting...JohnAlbin2008-09-111-5/+7
* #299419: Remove empty zen.css in sub-themesJohnAlbin2008-08-242-13/+4
* #272655: Make STARTERKIT_theme easier to extendJohnAlbin2008-06-191-1/+7
* #248103: Allow themes to set defaults for settings in their .info filesJohnAlbin2008-05-134-58/+14
* Code formatting changes and comments. No functional changes.JohnAlbin2008-05-133-9/+10
* #249532: Allow subthemes to have preprocess hooks without tpl files. Possibly...JohnAlbin2008-05-121-15/+7
* Added $hook to preprocess documentation.JohnAlbin2008-05-061-4/+12
* #223518: Option to show page title in breadcrumbsJohnAlbin2008-05-062-1/+3
* Removed redundant drupal_add_css(print.css) and fixed some comments.JohnAlbin2008-04-211-4/+3
* #199682: 'Submitted by' text is shown for content even if setting is disabledJohnAlbin2008-04-211-3/+11
* Removed curly quotes from code comments. oops.JohnAlbin2008-04-171-5/+5
* Updated comment for STATERKIT_username.JohnAlbin2008-04-171-1/+1
* Moved drupal6-reference.css to where it is actually needed, the starterkit.JohnAlbin2008-04-141-0/+1863
* Prevented sub-theme's from getting the base zen.css.JohnAlbin2008-04-142-2/+12
* #229661: earch Box doesn't return any results or warningsJohnAlbin2008-04-141-12/+1
* Updated sub-theme's template.php files.JohnAlbin2008-04-141-8/+27
* Updated comments in STARTERKIT/template.php.JohnAlbin2008-04-141-85/+12
* #238387: Update README on how to edit the .info fileJohnAlbin2008-04-142-16/+65
* Synced with 5.x-1.0.JohnAlbin2008-02-144-26/+141
* Moved SUBTHEME to STARTERKIT.JohnAlbin2008-02-148-0/+223