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#279896: Help prevent double H1 tags on homepage that is not /node
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Zen 6.x-1.x-dev
+ #279896: Help prevent double H1 tags on homepage that is not /node
+ #279896: Moved styles to zen.css that should never have been in layout.css
#255265 by kmonty: Don't "skip to nav" if there's no nav
+ * Re-arranged sidebar classes so they are in no-sidebars -> two-sidebars order in the layout CSS files
#306856: Optimize code by adding conditional includes
+ * Moved some comments from zen to STARTERKIT where they belong
+ * Optimized zen_breadcrumb()
+ * Folded template-menus.php back into template.php since its not conditionally included
+ * Removed theme_username from STARTERKIT and zen_classic since it was fixed in Drupal 6.3
+ * Optimized zen_menu_item_link()
+ * Optimized path_to_zentheme()
#305311: CSS files makes reference to to drupal5-reference.css
#299419: Remove empty zen.css in sub-themes
#284798: PHP warning when settings section of .info file is missing