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@@ -7,9 +7,36 @@ Yay! You opened the correct file first. The first thing that people notice when
they download the Zen theme is that there are A LOT of files -- way more than
other themes.
+Don't worry! You don't need to learn everything all at once in order to make a
+drupal theme. Zen will do the bits you haven't learned and patiently wait for
+you to discover the documentation and inline comments about them.
+ If you don't know how to install a Drupal theme, there is a quick primer later
+ in this document.
+Building a sub-theme
+ See the STARTERKIT/README.txt file for full instructions.
+Theme .info file
+ Your sub-theme's .info file describes the basic things about your theme: its
+ name, description, features, template regions, CSS files, and JavaScript.
+ Don't worry about all these lines just yet.
+ Once you have created your sub-theme, look at the README.txt in your
+ sub-theme's css folder.
+ Now take a look at the README.txt in your sub-theme's templates folder.
Full documentation on the Zen theme can be found in Drupal's Handbook:
@@ -43,8 +70,4 @@ INSTALLATION
with links on how to create your own sub-theme. You can optionally make Zen
the default theme.
-See the STARTERKIT/README.txt file.
+ 4. Now build your own sub-theme by reading the STARTERKIT/README.txt file.