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* by sun: Fixed form_build_id not removed from serialized profile settings.sun2009-07-021-1/+1
* by sun: Major code clean-up.sun2009-06-091-4/+4
* #485264 by sun: Changed installation instructions to be more concise.sun2009-06-081-9/+28
* #434590 by sun: Fixed path admin/settings/wysiwyg not found.sun2009-06-081-53/+27
* #332139 by sun: Fixed editor must not be changed when profile is configured.sun2009-06-041-0/+1
* #478324 by jeffschuler: Fixed typo in profile configuration form.sun2009-06-031-1/+1
* #416742 by sun: Fixed type casting of $profile in profile configuration form.sun2009-03-281-2/+2
* #385974 by sun: Fixed form element description for CSS path (for Define CSS).sun2009-03-061-1/+1
* #372806 by sun: Fixed block format configuration form element description.sun2009-02-121-1/+1
* #364782 by sun: Fixed theme stylesheets not properly loaded.sun2009-02-011-2/+2
* #340758 by sun: Changed installation instructions to be displayed permanently.sun2008-12-011-30/+27
* by sun: Minor code clean-up.sun2008-10-291-4/+4
* #327152 by sun: Fixed breadcrumbs for profile configuration pages.sun2008-10-291-12/+12
* #327100 by sun: Associate editors/profiles with input formats. Major milestone.sun2008-10-281-115/+111
* #320559 by markus_petrux, sun: Added confirmation form to delete profiles.sun2008-10-151-6/+33
* #321216 by sun: Replaced Wysiwyg Editor module with Wysiwyg module.6.x-0.4sun2008-10-141-0/+497