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* #433318: Special handling for empty fields, allowing them to avoid rewriting ...Earl Miles2009-07-021-7/+11
* #454754 by dww: Fix PGSQL related errors with comment author filtering.Earl Miles2009-06-022-2/+2
* #400914 by joachim: Add a link field to get to comments for a node that works...Earl Miles2009-04-081-0/+63
* #408414 by rb7: Prevent empty links with the "has new comments" field.Earl Miles2009-04-071-0/+3
* #371466 by dereine: Fix incorrect link to comments.Earl Miles2009-02-101-1/+1
* Add missing files from previous commit(s).Earl Miles2009-02-061-0/+23
* #349178 by agentrickard: Add generic link handling plus a custom text field. ...Earl Miles2009-01-303-12/+17
* #355939 by yhager: Fix missing comment GUID in comment RSS style.Earl Miles2009-01-081-1/+1
* #315007 by Garrett Albright, Paul Kishimoto and catch: Take into account page...Earl Miles2009-01-071-2/+5
* #284768 by drewish: Proper templates for RSS feeds rather than format_rss_ite...Earl Miles2008-12-021-12/+18
* #332679 by yched: render_link() does not check for empty data.Earl Miles2008-11-192-2/+2
* Fix notice for anonymous usersEarl Miles2008-09-221-1/+1
* Various handler/plugin fixesEarl Miles2008-09-102-2/+2
* Major re-organization of handlers. PLEASE NOTE: This drastically affected the...Earl Miles2008-09-0319-0/+584