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* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* Implement a post_render hook (for themes too) and cache method.Earl Miles2009-06-171-0/+28
* #360657 by yhahn: new hook_views_default_views_alter().Earl Miles2009-06-011-0/+11
* #418750 by webchick: Document hook_views_api in docs.Earl Miles2009-06-011-2/+12
* Some updates to webchick hook_views_data example6.x-2.3Earl Miles2009-02-061-4/+16
* #370013: Really nice API additions to hook_views_data documentation.Earl Miles2009-02-061-2/+122
* #369885 by webchick: Link API docs to online advanced help.Earl Miles2009-02-061-0/+3
* pre_build, pre_execute and pre_render hooksEarl Miles2008-10-021-5/+36
* Major re-organization of handlers. PLEASE NOTE: This drastically affected the...Earl Miles2008-09-031-3/+24
* #249934: If a view had attachments, views_get_current_view() could return wro...Earl Miles2008-06-181-1/+1
* Add a hook for query information, plus add timing info to the block.Earl Miles2008-06-071-4/+18
* Allow hover links to be turned off, and modified.Earl Miles2008-06-061-0/+20
* #259560 by KarenS: restore "even empty" feature from Views 1.Earl Miles2008-05-191-0/+4
* #256406 (by webchick): Documentation for hook_views_default_views()Earl Miles2008-05-091-5/+251
* Assorted code and @todo cleanupEarl Miles2008-04-211-4/+4
* Fix user name filter; add user current filterEarl Miles2008-04-111-0/+1
* Some documentation stubs and cleanup.Earl Miles2008-04-111-0/+137