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* #1138092 by DamienMcKenna: Add a bunch of additional css classes to exposed f...Daniel Wehner2011-06-081-5/+5
* fix php error in includes/view.incDaniel Wehner2011-05-291-1/+2
* Conflicts:Daniel Wehner2011-05-281-0/+7
* #780768 by aspedia: Don't change the display on validationDaniel Wehner2011-05-211-0/+2
* #1096914 by dww, dereine: Allow to convert exposed filtersDaniel Wehner2011-05-151-2/+8
* #1069256 by joachim: Don't allow to input an empty display titleDaniel Wehner2011-05-151-0/+5
* by dereine: Small doc fix in views_handler_argument_vocabulary_vidDaniel Wehner2011-05-121-1/+1
* #679740 by Djebbz: Node Revision: Created Date field label should reflect the...Daniel Wehner2011-05-071-2/+2
* Issue #801868: Tablesort and pager was losing "Remembered" values.Earl Miles2011-04-121-1/+4
* #497936 by Crashtest: replace tablenames for profile right.Daniel Wehner2011-04-011-1/+1
* #1065386 by dereine: Fix field_accesslog_path with enabled link optionDaniel Wehner2011-03-271-4/+4
* #1043986 by dereine: Only the node title field should be linked by default.Daniel Wehner2011-03-272-1/+4
* Issue #1104404 by tim.plunkett: Allow core replacement modules to implement h...Tim Plunkett2011-03-241-16/+48
* #1101382 by swentel: Use drupal_substr to fix to long block descriptionsDaniel Wehner2011-03-241-1/+1
* Issue #550962 by, Les Lim: Better pager handling on cached views.Earl Miles2011-03-221-22/+30
* Issue #1072766 by Itangalo: Better name for "Node: related terms" which does ...Earl Miles2011-03-221-1/+1
* Issue #1079838 by drunken monkey: Fix title on "more link"Earl Miles2011-03-221-1/+0
* Issue #779436 by Narretz: Add aiblity to display "native language" translation.Earl Miles2011-03-222-3/+37
* Issue #657578 by drewish: Correct documentation for queue_table()Earl Miles2011-03-221-4/+4
* Merge branch '6.x-2.x' of into 6.x-2.xDaniel Wehner2011-03-202-4/+2
| * #1096366 by jamsilver: Role access plugin: Replacing array_unshift() with res...Daniel Wehner2011-03-192-4/+2
* | #1096834 by dww: Allow importing views code that starts with '<?php'Daniel Wehner2011-03-202-0/+5
* #1096548 by dww: Fix convert of taxonomy fields.Daniel Wehner2011-03-182-0/+3
* Merge remote branch 'origin/6.x-2.x' into 6.x-2.xDaniel Wehner2011-03-172-1/+2
| * #1054272 by dagmar: String filters are non optional anymore.Daniel Wehner2011-03-132-1/+2
* | #1079178 by Manuel Garcia: Provide a views revert drush command.Daniel Wehner2011-03-172-0/+155
* Remove test commit messages.Earl Miles2011-02-251-2/+0
* Goooooooooooooooooood morning Drupal GIT!Earl Miles2011-02-241-0/+1
* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-25309-310/+0
* So long and thanks for all the commits.Earl Miles2011-02-241-0/+2
* Remove unneeded po files. They are not needed anymore with localize.drupal.orgDaniel Wehner2011-02-1610-43650/+0
* #747782 by dereine: Improve jump menu grouping.Earl Miles2011-02-052-24/+4
* #534452 by dereine: Remove non-functional "optional" setting on string filters.Earl Miles2011-02-053-9/+24
* #621794 by rschwab: Fix wording on search score description.Earl Miles2011-02-051-1/+1
* #1019826 by penguin25: Respect contact page access overrides when displaying ...Earl Miles2011-02-052-2/+4
* #1007376 by dereine: Jump menu was not correctly supporting offsets.Earl Miles2011-02-042-2/+9
* #988680 by mikeytown2: Fix Views memory leak with attachments.Earl Miles2011-02-043-22/+27
* #1035168 by Ao: Fix strict warning in unread node filter.Earl Miles2011-02-042-1/+2
* #839810 by marcp: Get UID from URL argument default plugin should accept uids...Earl Miles2011-01-202-0/+8
* #672864 by dboulet: cols- class incorrect on table, grid.Earl Miles2011-01-203-3/+6
* #962564 by joshuajabbour: Allow link attributes to be rewritten (internally).Earl Miles2011-01-202-0/+11
* #780768 by dereine: lack of clean URLs breaks some preview.Earl Miles2011-01-183-1/+5
* #839236: Fields named "buttons" would disappear from the rearrange UI due to ...Earl Miles2011-01-182-12/+14
* #684608: Removed taxonomy tid default argument plugin, for it is non-function...Earl Miles2011-01-111-10/+10
* #696550: Taxonomy validator should always set title when it successfully vali...Earl Miles2011-01-112-1/+2
* #452384 by sammys: Another PHP 5.3 fix.Earl Miles2011-01-102-0/+3
* #970514 by moshe, dereine: Provide basic drush integration for views.Daniel Wehner2011-01-052-0/+15
* #1013170 by das-peter: Fix broken view::preview which was broken on #1001542.Daniel Wehner2011-01-042-1/+2
* #779574 by Magnus: Imported translation to localization server and deleted CV...Magnus Gunnarsson2011-01-021-5572/+0
* #722330 by dereine: Views should include core version for updates.Earl Miles2011-01-013-0/+29