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* * More IE bugfixes.Matt Westgate2005-03-281-3/+4
* *** empty log message ***Matt Westgate2005-03-281-1/+1
* * Fixed bug #19537 - Last commit doesn't work in IE6-Win - Patch by richardbMatt Westgate2005-03-281-2/+2
* * Added the img_assist plugin.Matt Westgate2005-03-261-5/+48
* * #19204 - Ignore CVS directory when scanning for themes. Patch by TDobes.Matt Westgate2005-03-211-2/+2
* * Enforce that the toolbar buttons are displayed inline since some themes set...Matt Westgate2005-03-161-0/+2
* * Added a user_access permission to choose which roles can select their own T...Matt Westgate2005-03-141-11/+24
* * Check if the TinyMCE engine is installed and prompt with instructions if it...Matt Westgate2005-03-141-13/+28
* * Make the default instance of TinyMCE use the 'simple' theme.Matt Westgate2005-03-131-9/+46
* *** empty log message ***Matt Westgate2005-03-121-1/+2
* * Use the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for editing your Drupal site. A collaborati...Matt Westgate2005-03-121-0/+171