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* * Give a link to the 1.44 TinyMCE version.Matt Westgate2005-06-231-4/+2
* * Backported some of the components from CVS: documentation and cleaned up pr...Matt Westgate2005-05-041-23/+42
* * Update to make module compatible with TinyMCE 1.44RC2. You must install the...Matt Westgate2005-04-261-10/+5
* * This module only works the CVS version of TinyMCE. See this file for more d...Matt Westgate2005-04-141-8/+10
* * Worked on the drupalimage plugin. It works fine in FireFox, but IE still wa...Matt Westgate2005-04-131-0/+4
* * Added a GUI to configure how tinymce behaves per user role.Matt Westgate2005-04-051-8/+17
* Added a note that tinymce cvs version contains some bugfixes not in the 1.43 ...richardb2005-04-011-1/+7
* * Added the img_assist plugin.Matt Westgate2005-03-261-3/+14
* * Documentation updates regarding Drupal input formats and TinyMCE.Matt Westgate2005-03-241-2/+13
* * Added a user_access permission to choose which roles can select their own T...Matt Westgate2005-03-141-1/+7
* * Check if the TinyMCE engine is installed and prompt with instructions if it...Matt Westgate2005-03-141-12/+35
* * Make the default instance of TinyMCE use the 'simple' theme.Matt Westgate2005-03-131-1/+50
* * Use the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for editing your Drupal site. A collaborati...Matt Westgate2005-03-121-0/+36