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1. Place the entire tinymce directory into your Drupal modules/
-2. Download TinyMCE 1.43 from:
+2. Download the latest CVS version of TinyMCE as TinyMCE 1.43 will not work.
+ If you're comfortable using the CVS tool, instructions for checking
+ out the repository are here:
- Uncompress the file and make sure it's named 'tinymce'.
- Note: The TinyMCE 1.43 has a few bugs, for instance an error when clicking
- a textarea in Firefox. Using the latest CVS version solved this for me,
- but might be broken in otherways when you try it:
+ Otherwise, you may downlad the CVS version here:
+ Remember to uncompress the file and make sure the folder is named
+ 'tinymce'.
-3. Place the entire tinymce folder inside your modules/tinymce directory.
+3. Place the entire 'tinymce' folder inside your modules/tinymce directory.
4. Load the database definition file (tinymce.mysql) using the
tool of your choice (e.g. phpmyadmin). For mysql and command line