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* Issue #2938013 by e0ipso, Sander Hofman, ziomizar: Include host in header to ...8.x-2.0-rc3e0ipso2018-03-242-1/+26
* Issue #2943753 by e0ipso: Fix branch tests against D8.6e0ipso2018-02-101-10/+39
* Issue #2938625 by fago: Notices of GET blueprint requests cause a broken page...fago2018-01-271-1/+5
* fix(JsonPathReplacer): Decode incoming URLs8.x-2.0-beta3Mateu Aguiló Bosch2017-10-191-0/+9
* fix(Replacer): Fix replacements for multiple matches by JSON path (#2911254 b...Mateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-231-52/+76
* fix(Maintainability): Simplify code for dependency resolutionMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-221-3/+2
* fix(Replacements): Fix the replacements multiplicityMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-161-10/+60
* feat(Blueprint): Allow multiple dependenciesMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-163-11/+24
* feat(Merger): Allow JSON outputMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-164-17/+93
* fix(Normalizers): Serialize body stringMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-151-6/+3
* feat(Misc): Rewrite to bring it closer to the nodejs moduleMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-09-1211-569/+847
* fix(Serialization): Remove extra withe space typo8.x-1.0-beta28.x-1.xMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-07-071-1/+1
* feat(Front Controller): Allow blueprint via GET request (#2864903 by e0ipso)e0ipso2017-03-294-8/+49
* fix(Subresponse): Move away from the response subscribere0ipso2017-03-292-40/+9
* Fix authentication for subrequestsMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-243-1/+21
* Support write requestsMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-242-4/+8
* Rename path to uriMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-243-10/+11
* Support more complex treesMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-212-36/+117
* Allow nested treesMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-204-2/+115
* Misc changesMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-206-19/+25
* Initial commitMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-03-197-0/+594