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* Issue #3007746 by Dom.: Autocomplete results show & instead of &HEAD7.x-4.97.x-4.xDominique CLAUSE2018-10-202-2/+3
* Issue #2954591 by Dom., sgp913: Undefined $_GET['term'] throwing log errorsDominique CLAUSE2018-10-191-1/+2
* Issue #3007714 by Dom., gmclelland: [search-phrase] value doesn't get replacedDominique CLAUSE2018-10-191-4/+4
* Issue #3007746 by Dom.: Autocomplete results show & instead of &Dominique CLAUSE2018-10-191-10/+7
* Issue #2985197: search_autocomplete_update_7408 inappropriate translite checkDominique CLAUSE2018-10-191-1/+1
* Security fix: Security Advisory #1673677.x-4.8Dominique CLAUSE2018-10-161-1/+1
* Issue #1739852 by Dom., dstorozhuk: Getting encoded HTML for special characte...Dom2016-02-163-12/+19
* Issue #2592357 by Dom.: jquery.autocomplete.js Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid ...Dom2016-02-161-1/+7
* Task by Dom.: Typo correction and remove deprecated method.Dom2016-02-161-23/+7
* Commit by Dom.: Typo fix.7.x-4.7Dom2015-09-171-2/+1
* Issue #2570001 by istavros, Dom.: Autocompletion helper tool for Search Autoc...Dom2015-09-171-1/+3
* Issue #2568021 by ReBa: Undefined is not an object (evaluating '
* #2530210 - input field fixeddakku2015-07-161-1/+1
* Issue #2477199 by Dom.: Link URL is not the nodes URL, but something shortene...7.x-4.6Dominique CLAUSE2015-04-302-5/+8
* Issue #2472515 by Dom.: Getting encoded HTML for special character apostrophe.7.x-4.5Dominique CLAUSE2015-04-202-9/+18
* Issue #2473353 by pixel5, Dom.: Throbber gif not lining up correctly in fieldDominique CLAUSE2015-04-2011-101/+3
* Issue #2458637 by Dom.: Move theme name out of widget's HTML ID attributeDominique CLAUSE2015-03-2411-171/+171
* Issue #2457019 by Dom., cgove: Trailing comma IE error cause compatibility is...Dominique CLAUSE2015-03-221-1/+1
* [DCE] Code review : level minor.7.x-4.47.x-4.3Dominique CLAUSE2015-02-058-46/+20
* [DCE] Code review : level normal.Dominique CLAUSE2015-02-056-40/+52
* [DCE] Handle no_results and all_results custom suggestions backend side, for ...Dominique CLAUSE2015-02-054-32/+47
* Issue #2382785 by Dominique CLAUSE, ├▒ull, jmdeleon: Add localize to no_resul...7.x-4.2Miroslav2015-01-185-25/+65
* Updated installation instructionsdakku2014-12-111-1/+5
* Issue #2372649 by grossmann: Absolute links in JSON outputDominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-3/+9
* Issue fixed: callback with absolute URL did not save properly.Dominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-10/+10
* Issue #2371391 by jami, Dominique CLAUSE: Add compatibility with jQuery Updat...Dominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-6/+6
* Issue fixed : Remove call to undefined theme method 'search_autocomplete_form...Dominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-1/+0
* Issue #2382785 : Add localization on all_results and no_results labels.Dominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-2/+2
* Issue #2373979 by dakky : Spelling correctionsDominique CLAUSE2014-12-105-30/+30
* Issue #2382961 by dakku: English Labels For Views Exposed Form.Dominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-6/+6
* Issue #2373877 by dakku: Change "Form Nam" to "Form Name".Dominique CLAUSE2014-12-101-1/+1
* Issue #2174417 : add a minimal theme CSS.7.x-4.1Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-301-0/+98
* Issue #2329307 : typo correction.Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-301-2/+2
* Issue #2329307 : suggestion choose must input suggestion value instead of onl...Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-291-2/+3
* Issue #2329307 : modify no_results field type to store enough data.Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-291-0/+7
* Issue #2212665 : change hook_init() to hook_page_build() for hopefully perfor...Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-281-1/+1
* Feature #2329307 : add a "no_results" custom label / value / link configurati...Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-285-94/+301
* Issue fix : fix static input autocompletion.Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-242-4/+8
* Merge branch '7.x-4.x' of into 7.x...Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-240-0/+0
| * Feature #2329307 : Add a [search-phrase] token for noResultsLabel.Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-203-5/+19
* | Feature #2343185 by anilbhatt : Add behaviors to suggestions to exposeDominique CLAUSE2014-09-243-6/+22
* Issue #2329311: Couple of typo corrections.Dominique CLAUSE2014-09-202-2/+2
* View exposed filter does no more need to be called "filter". AlsoDominique CLAUSE2014-08-141-1/+7
* Fix update issue when field translite does not exist.Dominique CLAUSE2014-08-141-6/+8
* Trick JS to allow dynamic registration of fields. This letDominique CLAUSE2014-08-141-56/+59
* Fix installation issue preventing module from working when forms are notDominique CLAUSE2014-08-141-3/+3
* Reflect documentation migration in links.Dominique CLAUSE2014-08-104-7/+7
* Remove Search dependency from .info. See [#2239229].Dominique CLAUSE2014-08-101-1/+0
* [#2137633] Search Autocomplete configurations are now exportabl throughDominique CLAUSE2014-06-092-1/+159
* Merge branch '7.x-4.x' ofDominique CLAUSE2014-05-310-0/+0