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+1) Place this module directory in your modules folder (this will usually be
+ "sites/all/modules/").
+2) Enable the module within your Drupal site at Administer -> Site Building ->
+ Modules (admin/build/modules).
+The Google Data Visualization module is most commonly used with the Views module to turn
+listings of datas into goolge charts.
+1) Install the Views module ( on your Drupal
+ site if you have not already.
+2) Add a new view at Administration -> Structure -> Views (admin/structure/views).
+3) Change the "Display format" of the view to "google_data_visualization". Disable the
+ "Use pager" option, which cannot be used with the Google Data Visualization style. Click the
+ "Continue & Edit" button to configure the rest of the View.
+4) Click on the "Settings" link next to the google_data_visualization Format to configure the
+ options for the selecting displaying different charts and for set the chart variable.