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* Fix string length function name.HEAD6.x-1.xDavid Parrish2015-01-171-1/+1
* Update Reddit token length 255 characters.David Parrish2015-01-172-2/+61
* Show additional error message if received from RedditDavid Parrish2015-01-171-0/+7
* Remove 'scope' and update URL for refresh token actionDavid Parrish2015-01-171-4/+3
* Show Reddit username and link on deauthorize button.David Parrish2015-01-171-3/+4
* Add redirect_uri to the settings so that we can rely on it always beingDavid Parrish2013-06-032-4/+9
* Fix integration tests. They were broken do to API changes.David Parrish2013-05-311-21/+25
* Fix a test file so that it uses Drupal standards.David Parrish2013-05-311-11/+6
* Update *.txt file line lengths to make them shorter than 80 characters.David Parrish2013-05-302-7/+18
* Add more standards corrections. Zero impact on actual codeDavid Parrish2013-05-303-6/+5
* Correct comment issues which violate Drupal standards.David Parrish2013-05-303-28/+6
* Use safe functions for encoding and decoding the state data passed toDavid Parrish2013-05-301-5/+5
* Change permission to access Reddit OAuth settings according toDavid Parrish2013-05-301-1/+1
* Add a message for users when they connect with Reddit to let them knowDavid Parrish2013-05-231-1/+1
* Move deauthorize/connect button into the account settings. No longerDavid Parrish2013-05-231-3/+18
* Add exception check for any request to If there is anDavid Parrish2013-05-201-1/+9
* Remove debug lineDavid Parrish2013-05-131-2/+0
* Fix Reddit authentication block not refreshing when caching is enabled.David Parrish2013-05-131-0/+1
* Add option to disallow anonymous Reddit authentication.David Parrish2013-05-132-0/+16
* Fix token refresh so that it doesn't remove reddit name and id.David Parrish2013-05-052-14/+24
* Minor change to READMEDavid Parrish2013-05-041-2/+2
* Merge to integrate advanced Reddit login features.David Parrish2013-05-046-51/+309
| * Allow users to log in to Reddit with a temporary connection and then logDavid Parrish2013-05-032-2/+32
| * Remove an unnecessary module_load_includeDavid Parrish2013-04-221-2/+2
| * Allow temporary tokens to work with Reddit actions.David Parrish2013-04-222-4/+56
| * Add functions to load reddit_nameDavid Parrish2013-04-223-12/+53
| * Move session variables under 'reddit_oauth' as to contain the sessionDavid Parrish2013-04-222-11/+10
| * Minor formating chagne in install file.David Parrish2013-04-221-1/+0
| * Allow the user to connect and disconnect with the Reddit button withDavid Parrish2013-04-222-1/+14
| * Enable users who have already linked their Reddit and Drupal account toDavid Parrish2013-04-173-21/+67
| * Fix typo in menu callback implementationDavid Parrish2013-04-171-1/+1
| * Remove old comments from install file.David Parrish2013-04-171-12/+0
| * Create a simple form to prompt the user on how to link their RedditDavid Parrish2013-04-172-0/+53
| * Request a temporary or permenant token depending on if the user isDavid Parrish2013-04-171-12/+25
| * Add the time component back into the csrf_check to make sure that theDavid Parrish2013-04-161-1/+1
| * Make progress towards logging in a user when they use redditDavid Parrish2013-03-291-11/+35
* | Remove debug information from Reddit connection.David Parrish2013-04-061-3/+1
* | Add a refresh token failure check which is important to protect theDavid Parrish2013-04-011-0/+7
* Add actual working Reddit integration test! The first tests makes sureDavid Parrish2013-03-282-0/+147
* Fix comment to remind myself to get the user Reddit id.David Parrish2013-03-281-4/+3
* Fix bug where refreshing token would put the refreshed token in theDavid Parrish2013-03-281-0/+1
* Add hack to direct the user to login or create a user before connectingDavid Parrish2013-03-181-3/+5
* Add scope hook to allow other modules to request a scope.David Parrish2013-03-172-1/+16
* Minor comment change.David Parrish2013-03-171-1/+1
* Add a function for figuring out if the user is logged into Reddit.David Parrish2013-03-171-0/+16
* Hard code the read scope for subreddit module to work. This is requiredDavid Parrish2013-03-171-1/+1
* Add test to make sure that Reddit configuration is accessable.David Parrish2013-03-171-0/+68
* Add the proper permission for configuring the Reddit App configurationDavid Parrish2013-03-171-1/+1
* Explicitly add the expire_time for the access_tokens.David Parrish2013-03-141-3/+3
* Ensure csrf_check is working on connect and deauthorize actions.David Parrish2013-03-142-19/+33