tag nameprovision-0.4-rc1 (335c9bf62e13ea232645de29911107fb4e60797b)
tag date2011-02-18 02:14:17 (GMT)
tagged byanarcat
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The Aegir team is very pleased to announce the first release candidate of Aegir 0.4! This is the first rc from which we will go into crazy bugfixing mode until we have no criticals and will then roll out the official 0.4. Key changes in 0.4-rc1 ---------------------- There are a lot of bug fixes and features added into this release. Significantly, a major data-loss bug was fixed in Multiserver environments, that was causing a remote site's 'files' directory contents to be deleted if those files didn't already exist on the 'master' copy of the site on the hostmaster system. Also, we stopped hardcoding "$conf['cache'] = 1" in sites' settings.php, returning control over the caching function back to the user by way of: * inserting the preferred setting into a file called 'local.settings.php' alongside the settings.php so it won't be clobbered by the template, or * same as above but in /var/aegir/config/includes/ to set it globally for all sites, or * setting it in /admin/settings/performance on your site, and having that setting stick instead of being reset by the hardcode.