tag nameprovision-0.4-beta1 (72b5632253b5f12f7b4b571f06b6e190ae2a6cf5)
tag date2010-11-22 22:14:30 (GMT)
tagged byanarcat
tagged objectcommit 8ab014e299...
This primarily a bug fix release, but also new features that were the
last targets for the 0.4 release goals. The beta marks the beginning of the final cycle in the release of the 0.4 branch. We consider this release to be mostly feature complete. It still has bugs and problems, but since we are using it in production, we feel it's more appropriate to call it a beta, to invite wider testing and stabilise the codebase. This is also an opportunity to test the upgrade path from pre alpha9 releases, which seem to be suffering from bitrot. You should be able to upgrade to this release from 0.3 and above. Key changes in 0.4-beta1 * Installer now support remote db servers (#973910) * Some work was done to improve the usability of the hostmaster-install command, which should be usable out of the box once provision and drush are installed * By default, we setup local MySQL server to user sockets, which creates a separate server but improves security significantly, as we do not force people to open their database server to the network (#977024) * The upgrade path for pre-alpha9 releases has been fixed