tag nameprovision-0.4-alpha6 (723e118d5254704c1add859ea13538b55bd4020e)
tag date2010-02-26 14:46:37 (GMT)
tagged byAdrian Rossouw
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This is the sixth alpha of the 0.4 release of the Aegir hosting system.
The focus of this release was to refactor the hosting front end to more cleanly map to the multi-server requirements for this major release. * #344967 - Refactored the data model of the server node types. Introduced the concept of 'services' and created a new services api for extending servers. * #558450 - platform access control / permissions - Platform management. You can now configure who is able to see platforms, as well as lock them from having further sites created on them. * #602128 - you can also delete platforms once all sites have been moved off of them, and the platform files on the server will be removed. * #719704 - Missing /files/tmp in d6 * #712016 - Grants on remote database server are now correctly generated. * #716166 - Reshuffled the apache config file directory. THIS REQUIRES A MANUAL UPGRADE STEP TO COMPLETE. SEE UPGRADE.TXT! * #497522 - Make apache return a 404 error for any sites it does not manage. * #710652 - Fix replacement of filepath in files table for the deploy task (i.e Cloned sites) * #701792 - Fix to be able to completely remove aliases from a site * The INSTALL and UPGRADE documentation (including HINTS files) and script have been moved into the Provision module