tag name6.x-2.0-alpha2 (7f3e1dfc62ad834064c59eef40b01cf492551932)
tag date2013-05-16 23:20:19 (GMT)
tagged byAntoine Beaupré
tagged objectcommit 2537caf087...
aegir-provision2 (2.0~alpha2) unstable; urgency=low
* This release features improvements to the IP management mechanisms that were broken in the last alpha1 release. We now manage IP addresses individually, and check if an IP is in use before allowing it to be deleted. * We also finally leave the files alone on spokes in the multi-server model, a long-standing bug in the 1.x series that led to data loss. A lot of work was done to standardize the Nginx configuration to allow for simpler, yet optional, configurations that leave the admin in charge of choosing the optimisation methods. This is still work in progress, tracked in #1635596: nginx: do not decide the policy for users. -- Antoine Beaupré <> Thu, 16 May 2013 19:13:17 -0400