BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2473679-pre-delete-backup-optionalImplementing Issue #2473679: Make pre-delete backup optional.Jon Pugh19 months
2704291-check-hostmasterIssue #2704291 by Jon Pugh: When checking if the site being verified is hostm...Jon Pugh21 months
2754069-decouple-installIssue #2754069: Use d()->install_method when checking for profile install.Jon Pugh8 months
2754069-decouple-install-alternateMerge branch '7.x-3.x' into 2754069-decouple-install-alternateJon Pugh8 months
2754069-install-methodAdd -T and XTERM environment variable.Jon Pugh6 months
2794915-grant-all-hostsIssue #2794915: Add 'db_grant_all_hosts' option to hostmaster-install command...Jon Pugh6 months
2826388-check-hostmasterIssue #2826388: Move logic to a new function: provision_is_hostmaster_site().Jon Pugh14 months
2836185-force-reinstallIssue #2836185 by Jon Pugh: Document the force-reinstall option.Herman van Rink12 months
2838332-d8-verify-brokenIssue #2838332: Verifying a Drupal 8 site breaks the menu routerSteven Jones13 months
2851478-move-symlinkIssue #2851478: Improving comments to explain to developers how to use the sy...Jon Pugh9 months
2853184-template-vars-alterIssue #2853184: Fix whitespaceHerman van Rink11 months
2911855-d84Issue #2911855 by kristofferwiklund: Drupal 8.4 support: Fix loading of modul...kristofferwiklund4 months
2937147-composer-installAdd API docs for the new optionsHerman van Rink12 hours
4.xForgot -rfJon Pugh2 weeks
4.x-cleanupWhen asking which context to use, throw an exception if there are none availa...Jon Pugh3 months
4.x-docker-composeRemove mysql_real_escape_string(). No escaping for now, we have so few querie...Jon Pugh5 hours
4.x-remove-legacyAdd "connect()" method to DbService and trigger when verifying sites.Jon Pugh3 months
4.x-roboSet Logger in Provision constructor.Jon Pugh7 weeks
4.x-robo-collections-verifyReset "start" config.Jon Pugh3 weeks
4.x-servicesMerge branch '4.x-services' of into 4.x-serv...Jon Pugh3 months
4.x-travisKeep testing 7.x-3.xJon Pugh4 months
6.x-1.xRevert "change version information for release 1.12"Antoine Beaupré4 years
6.x-2.xusing quotes for array keysJon Pugh2 years
6.x-2.x-1995506-profile-optionAdding profile as an option.Jon Pugh3 years
6.x-2.x-backportsFix up docs.Christopher Gervais3 years
7.x-2.xIssue #1396326 by Steven Jones: Fixed Mod rewrite double escapes URLs.Steven Jones6 years
7.x-3.12.x3.12.1 mini release, to support Drupal 8.4Herman van Rink4 months
7.x-3.5.xBump default Drush version in manual upgrade scriptHerman van Rink20 months
7.x-3.xIssue #2888283 by ac: Not updating ownership of private/configac4 weeks
7.x-3.x+devshopIssue #2836185: Allow "force-reinstall" drush option for "provision-install" ...Jon Pugh13 months
7.x-3.x-1966886-context-to-entitydebug code.Jon Pugh3 years
7.x-3.x-devshopPrint the error if it finds one.Jon Pugh6 months
7.x-3.x-reveal-service-classIssue #2698125: Report the expected service class in the drush errors when it...Jon Pugh22 months
7.x-4.xAdd provision-tests-new-run command to start testing D8.Herman van Rink3 years
aegir4_httpsIssue #2751801: (Mostly) remove SSL from core.Christopher Gervais19 months
branch-versionReformat code according to Symfony2 guidelines.Jon Pugh4 months
db-errorOutput command on error for generate_dump(), The error could be empty.Jon Pugh6 months
debianadd missing mysql-client dependency to slavesAntoine Beaupré6 years
decouple-installMerge branch '7.x-3.x' into decouple-installJon Pugh17 months
dev-1205458-move_sites_out_of_platformsMerge branch '6.x-2.x' into move_sitesChristopher Gervais5 years
dev-dns#922278 - allow slaves to do zone transfers on all zonesAntoine Beaupré7 years
dev-dns_alias_records-1074966Adds the ability to manage multiple configuration files of the same class for...Thomas Bosviel7 years
dev-drupal-8Fixed syntax errorHerman van Rink4 years
dev-envobjectremove some more instances of publish_pathAdrian Rossouw8 years
dev-koumbitmention the FQDN explicitelyAntoine Beaupré7 years
dev-log_directoryworking on adding a log directory to split apache logsMiguel Jacq7 years
dev-migrate_aliasesTry to restore setting of aliases on migrate and cloneMiguel Jacq7 years
dev-multiserver-installsettings are not guessed, they are providedAntoine Beaupré7 years
dev-newhooksownership, not contextshipAdrian Rossouw7 years
dev-nginxRevert "temp switch hostmaster dl to github for testing"Adrian Rossouw7 years
dev-nginx-6.x-1.xBlock aggressive spambot GSLFbot (Nginx)Barracuda Team6 years
dev-nginx-6.x-2.xBlock aggressive spambot GSLFbot (Nginx)Barracuda Team6 years
dev-nginx-cleanupremove install notes, uploaded on the community siteAntoine Beaupré6 years
dev-noreg-mail-336068pass email down to backend installer, as it's not in the context anymoreAntoine Beaupré7 years
dev-platform_managementreimport mig5's dev-platform_management cleanlyAntoine Beaupré8 years
dev-portsCompleted getting rid of site port.Adrian Rossouw8 years
dev-purgebackupDelete backup files older than the amount specified in the --delete_backups_o...Adrian Rossouw8 years
dev-restoreclone also supports db server migration now.Adrian Rossouw8 years
dev-servicesOnly sync the relevant sites directory.Neil Drumm8 years
dev-simplerinstalleradd custom makefile parameterAntoine Beaupré7 years
dev-site_renameMerge branch 'dev-site_rename' of ssh:// Jacq8 years
dev-sslUse wildcard vhosts if no IP's are defined. Failing that use the first IP for...Adrian Rossouw8 years
dev-ssl-chained-1062168Fix up the previous commit.Steven Jones7 years
dev-ssl-ip-allocation-refactorproperly detect IP from the frontend, fix warningAntoine Beaupré4 years
dev-subdir-multiserverfix messageAntoine Beaupré4 years
dev-webpackproperly pass configs aroundAntoine Beaupré6 years
dev-webpack1xfix missing bits in postrmAntoine Beaupré6 years
dev-wget-d7-cron-1090678Use a drush engine, rather than a function to get the cron key.Steven Jones7 years
dev/1194676-jenkins-testsAdd the beginnings of some tests.Steven Jones6 years
dev/1318374-autoloaderIssue #1333710 by Steven Jones: Fixed Autoloader doesn't work in PHP 5.2.Steven Jones6 years
dev/2048653Issue #2048653: Ensure mysql is secure before proceeding with hostmaster inst...Christopher Gervais4 years
dev/2460443-write-arbitraryallow writing config files to arbitrary locationsAntoine Beaupré3 years
dev/2494121Ensure cluster method signatures match parent's.Christopher Gervais3 years
dev/2650290minor code styleHerman van Rink11 months
dev/2729279Pass the new database server to the front-end.Christopher Gervais20 months
dev/mysqldump-error-checkFix up docs.Christopher Gervais3 years
dev/subdirsdon't overwrite if it existsAntoine Beaupré4 years
dev/subfoldersMerge branch 'dev/subfolders' of into dev/su...Christopher Gervais5 years
dev_716166_apache_conf#716166 - start separating platform, server and vhost configsAntoine Beaupré8 years
dev_dnsremove extra includeAntoine Beaupré8 years
dev_server_verifyMerge branch 'master' into dev_server_verifyAdrian Rossouw8 years
feature/1694792-addregistry-rebuildMerge branch '7.x-3.x' into feature/1694792-addregistry-rebuildJon Pugh17 months
feature/2764245-verify-installedBad merge commit.Jon Pugh17 months
php-serverMerge branch 'php-server' of into php-serverJon Pugh7 weeks
prod-koumbitMerge remote branch 'ceres/prod-koumbit' into prod-koumbitAntoine Beaupré7 years
reviewdummy commit for jenkins autobuildHerman van Rink2 years
ssl#537016 - add per-domain certificates, first draft for devseedAntoine Beaupré8 years
upstreamMerge commit '6.x-1.5' into upstreamSteven Jones6 years