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* Merge branch 'php-server' of into php-serverphp-serverJon Pugh2017-12-013-0/+172
| * Adding PhpServerJon Pugh2017-11-281-0/+79
| * Adding ProcessAwareTrait.Jon Pugh2017-11-281-0/+68
| * Adding ServiceInterface.Jon Pugh2017-11-281-0/+25
* | Merge branch '4.x-robo' into php-serverJon Pugh2017-11-2710-62/+135
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Fix return type hinting.Jon Pugh2017-11-271-1/+1
| * Remove remaining static functions.Jon Pugh2017-11-272-5/+5
| * Fix major loading time problems. When there are more than 3 contexts, loading...Jon Pugh2017-11-279-53/+110
| * Throw an exception if there is no context. Only happens in non-interactive mode.Jon Pugh2017-11-271-0/+5
| * Add name and type to context properties, and make required.Jon Pugh2017-11-222-4/+14
| * Allow contexts names with . in them.Jon Pugh2017-11-221-1/+3
* | Adding PhpServer http server and refactoring how verification happens.Jon Pugh2017-11-2211-68/+203
* | Adding ContextAwareTrait.Jon Pugh2017-11-201-0/+39
* getProvision() now.Jon Pugh2017-11-201-1/+1
* Don't setProvision() unless you have provision.Jon Pugh2017-11-201-4/+7
* Cleaning up code:Jon Pugh2017-11-203-64/+46
* Finish refactor of getApplication() to getProvision().Jon Pugh2017-11-201-2/+2
* - Allow ProvisionJon Pugh2017-11-2013-43/+77
* Pass correct object to new Class.Jon Pugh2017-11-201-1/+1
* Don't use TaskIO on ProvisionCollectionBuilder.Jon Pugh2017-11-201-2/+0
* Refactor Context to be ProvisionAware, instead of Application aware.Jon Pugh2017-11-208-38/+53
* Creating ProvisionAwareTrait and adding it to Command classes.Jon Pugh2017-11-2012-183/+223
* Giving Service BuilderAwareTrait and use taskExec() for apache restart. Addin...Jon Pugh2017-11-174-7/+81
* Adding docblock for Class Provision.Jon Pugh2017-11-171-1/+11
* Using BuilderAwareTrait to allow Robo-command style task() building in Provis...Jon Pugh2017-11-174-40/+259
* - Replacing our Config.php with a Robo\Config.Jon Pugh2017-11-176-407/+143
* Rename DefaultsConfig to ActiveConfig, and move the code determining the YML ...Jon Pugh2017-11-163-8/+10
* Implementing \Robo\Config using Pantheon Terminus as an example.Jon Pugh2017-11-169-41/+554
* Adding ContainerAwareTrait to Provision class, adding ProvisionTasks.phpJon Pugh2017-11-162-4/+87
* Add provision as a property of application.Jon Pugh2017-11-161-12/+2
* Pass our own ConsoleOutput class to Provision then Application.Jon Pugh2017-11-162-1/+2
* Load up our \Aegir\Provision\Console\Config() class so it's fully validated, ...Jon Pugh2017-11-161-6/+7
* Add a timer to provision-robo.phpJon Pugh2017-11-161-0/+13
* First steps in utilizing robo as a framework:Jon Pugh2017-11-167-102/+506
* Fix filename for platform config.Jon Pugh2017-11-151-3/+2
* Add extra info to verify execution.Jon Pugh2017-11-152-0/+23
* Properly erase the previous line.Jon Pugh2017-11-151-2/+6
* Add a sleep to the restart command in tests.Jon Pugh2017-11-151-1/+1
* Adding our own ConsoleOutput.php class with methods for ->erase() to remove l...Jon Pugh2017-11-154-4/+81
* Log the database creation.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-0/+3
* Better restart command.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-1/+1
* for travis, use a fake restart command for now.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-1/+1
* Reimplement site database creation! Verify a site now creates it's database a...Jon Pugh2017-11-141-90/+84
* Add context->name to the https config directories.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-1/+1
* Add verifyProvider() to DbService() so that the server verifies before the site.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-1/+13
* Finish SiteContext Verify: override getSubscriptions() to load http service f...Jon Pugh2017-11-146-91/+127
* Comments on verification methods.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-0/+4
* Load platform http subscription into site contexts.Jon Pugh2017-11-142-1/+27
* Add platform property to SiteContext objects.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-1/+8
* Don't ask for properties if they are in required contexts.Jon Pugh2017-11-141-0/+4