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* Fix up Gervais2015-04-171-11/+13
* Anchor regexes, cleanup docs.Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-10/+3
* Split regexes into helper function with alter hook and static caching, and ad...Christopher Gervais2015-04-172-16/+40
* Clarify docs.Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-2/+3
* Split mysqldump filtering into a helper function.Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-20/+41
* Dedupe generating descriptors fro proc_open().Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-13/+17
* Document new method and fix typos.Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-4/+8
* Dedupe temporary mysql config generation.Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-22/+27
* Fix up some syntax errors.Christopher Gervais2015-04-171-6/+12
* handle mysqldump errors againAntoine Beaupré2015-04-161-2/+68
* change version information for release 3.0-beta17.x-3.0-beta1Herman van Rink2015-03-255-13/+11
* Issue #2457359: Stop overriding Nginx SSL settingsHerman van Rink2015-03-242-9/+0
* Issue #2396299 by ergonlogic: Stop comparing platform package versions when s...ergonlogic2015-03-241-1/+4
* Merge branch '7.x-3.x' of into 7.x-3.xBarracuda Team2015-03-195-4/+21
| * Debian: improve setting directory permissions.Herman van Rink2015-03-183-1/+4
| * Issue #2193427 by helmo: Remove Debian package requirement for DrushHerman van Rink2015-03-182-2/+15
| * Make php5-gd a dependancy of the aegir3-hostmaster package, as its required t...Herman van Rink2015-03-181-2/+2
| * Log site installation exception.Herman van Rink2015-03-181-0/+1
* | Nginx: Stop the POST flood to /autodiscover/autodiscover.xml generated by MS ...Barracuda Team2015-03-192-0/+8
* Update absolute URLs to files for sites cloned/migrated/renamed (fixed)Barracuda Team2015-03-152-14/+22
* Update absolute URLs to files for sites cloned/migrated/renamedBarracuda Team2015-03-153-0/+23
* Nginx: Use dummy db fastcgi_param placeholders if any of them is emptyBarracuda Team2015-03-133-0/+42
* Issue #2350695 by omega8cc, helmo: Profile is registered twice, also as a mod...Barracuda Team2015-03-031-0/+5
* Remove whitespaceBarracuda Team2015-03-031-1/+1
* Code cleanupHerman van Rink2015-03-021-10/+12
* Issue #2350695 by omega8cc, helmo: Profile is registered twice, also as a mod...Herman van Rink2015-03-021-0/+5
* Nginx: Remove webform keyword from regex locations - fixes #599Barracuda Team2015-02-212-4/+4
* Remove Drupal 8 specific stuff from D7/D6 template.Barracuda Team2015-02-191-14/+7
* Both maintenance_mode and clean_url are ignored in Drupal 8Barracuda Team2015-02-191-6/+16
* Fix for custom cpuinfo logic.Barracuda Team2015-02-191-2/+1
* Nginx: Sync configuration improvements.Barracuda Team2015-02-194-6/+92
* Comment updateHerman van Rink2015-02-171-2/+11
* Remove docs for non-existing optionHerman van Rink2015-02-161-2/+0
* Add the working-copy option to hostmaster-migrate, similar to hostmaster-installHerman van Rink2015-02-162-1/+7
* hostmaster-resume was renamed to hosting-resumeHerman van Rink2015-02-161-8/+3
* Issue #2421543 by notzach: Changing how Apache ServerAliases are definednotzach2015-02-094-11/+18
* Drupal 8 requires trusted_host_patterns defined in settings.phpBarracuda Team2015-01-291-0/+17
* Drupal 8 requires container_yamls definedBarracuda Team2015-01-291-0/+5
* Nginx: Use safe fallback for mysteriously empty $db_portBarracuda Team2015-01-213-7/+31
* Nginx: Use reliable source for db_port to write in the vhostBarracuda Team2015-01-193-7/+7
* Issue #2409085 by clemens.tolboom: Use mutatable interface in install_8.incclemenstolboom2015-01-172-3/+5
* Issue #2387953: Remove drush-make from Debian suggest line.Herman van Rink2015-01-131-1/+0
* Issue #2276557 by zxaos, bgm: allow aegir2-provision package to accept mariad...Herman van Rink2015-01-131-2/+2
* Nginx: Fix for D8-specific /cron/ location caching (extended mode only).Barracuda Team2014-12-291-0/+3
* Nginx: Fix for D8-specific /cron/ location regex.Barracuda Team2014-12-291-1/+1
* Update to sync it with improvements in deploy_7.incBarracuda Team2014-12-271-24/+55
* Set files paths on D8 install to avoid using system default /tmp if path.temp...Barracuda Team2014-12-271-0/+6
* Whitespace cleanup.Barracuda Team2014-12-271-1/+1
* Nginx: Sync headers configuration in the extended mode.Barracuda Team2014-12-271-0/+1
* Do not copy CDN aliases to the cloned site --CDN vhost.Barracuda Team2014-12-271-0/+4