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* properly detect IP from the frontend, fix warningdev-ssl-ip-allocation-refactorAntoine Beaupré2013-09-281-3/+3
* expect ip_addresses as an array instead of a single entry, as we support mult...Antoine Beaupré2013-09-191-2/+11
* Issue #2084963 by m.stenta: Fixed SSL vhost does not respect Alias redirectsAntoine Beaupré2013-09-191-3/+3
* Don't use https for patch, since this'll break on some servers.Christopher Gervais2013-09-031-1/+1
* Revert "change version information for release 2.0-rc4"Christopher Gervais2013-08-303-3/+3
* change version information for release 2.0-rc46.x-2.0-rc4Christopher Gervais2013-08-304-3/+9
* Revert "change version information for release 2.0-rc3"Christopher Gervais2013-08-293-3/+3
* change version information for release 2.0-rc36.x-2.0-rc3Christopher Gervais2013-08-294-3/+16
* Use consistently in hostmaster install.Christopher Gervais2013-08-291-1/+1
* Added support for non-standard http server port.Michael Stenta2013-08-292-1/+8
* Use variable for db_host in hostmaster install.Christopher Gervais2013-08-291-4/+5
* Issue #2069387 by cweagans: Added Support nonstandard database port on hostma...cweagans2013-08-292-7/+14
* Add E_STRICT patch to test openatrium makefile so tests will pass on PHP 5.4.Christopher Gervais2013-08-271-3/+6
* Issue #1283738 by halcyonCorsair, cweagans: Allow other commands to add or al...Christopher Gervais2013-08-261-0/+3
* Issue #2067603: Fix original and cloned site pointing to the same database.Christopher Gervais2013-08-261-0/+2
* Check for existence of l() during install.Christopher Gervais2013-08-211-1/+2
* Issue #2067617: Allow hostmaster-install to accept '--working-copy' option.Christopher Gervais2013-08-171-0/+6
* Issue #2048653: Ensure mysql is secure before proceeding with hostmaster Gervais2013-08-161-0/+23
* Checkout a hostmaster branch, not a tag.Christopher Gervais2013-08-151-1/+1
* Move back to latest hostmaster code in aegir.make.Christopher Gervais2013-08-151-1/+1
* Issue #2060727: Patch Drupal core to suppress E_STRICT warnings on PHP5.4.Christopher Gervais2013-08-121-0/+2
* Issue #2038279: Warn of invalid account email on site install.Christopher Gervais2013-08-043-19/+24
* Issue #2055949: Fix migrate drops wrong database when domain name changes.Christopher Gervais2013-08-021-0/+1
* Undo last (scripted) revert, since it break our current build process.6.x-2.0-rc2Christopher Gervais2013-07-203-3/+3
* Revert "change version information for release 2.0-rc2"Christopher Gervais2013-07-203-3/+3
* change version information for release 2.0-rc2Christopher Gervais2013-07-204-3/+13
* treat symlinks as existing, fixes #2046249Antoine Beaupré2013-07-191-1/+1
* Revert "change version information for release 2.0-rc1"Christopher Gervais2013-07-193-3/+3
* change version information for release 2.0-rc16.x-2.0-rc1Christopher Gervais2013-07-194-3/+16
* Merge branch 'dev/site-packages' into 6.x-2.xChristopher Gervais2013-07-191-8/+21
| * Ignore hidden modules and profiles.Christopher Gervais2013-07-081-4/+17
| * Flag site-specific modules and themes rather than ignore them.Christopher Gervais2013-07-061-4/+4
* | Issue #1647830 by sambonner: Fix Incorrect ownership of directories under sit...Christopher Gervais2013-07-181-0/+4
* | Document how to override UID1 username.Christopher Gervais2013-07-161-0/+5
* | Issue #2038279 by ergonlogic, Jon Pugh: Validate email during site install.Christopher Gervais2013-07-163-10/+24
* | Add missing unicode include for UID1 name validation.Christopher Gervais2013-07-161-0/+1
* | Issue #1201174: Make UID1 username configurable.Christopher Gervais2013-07-163-4/+27
* | Issue #905326 by ergonlogic, crea: Improve file path changes.Christopher Gervais2013-07-121-25/+22
* | Issue #2038891: Add 'client_email' option to 'provision-install-backend'.Christopher Gervais2013-07-121-0/+3
* | Issue #1830220: Drop support for Drupal 5.Christopher Gervais2013-07-124-314/+0
* | explain why we use 2048 bit keys explicitelyAntoine Beaupré2013-07-111-1/+11
* | debian: properly detect webserver, again (#2040285)Antoine Beaupré2013-07-111-4/+6
* | Issue #2037045 by helmo, ergonlogic: Change some log statuses to better match...Christopher Gervais2013-07-086-13/+13
* Revert "change version information for release 2.0-beta2"Antoine Beaupré2013-06-263-3/+3
* change version information for release 2.0-beta26.x-2.0-beta2Antoine Beaupré2013-06-264-3/+15
* upgrade to drush 5.9 in upgrade.shAntoine Beaupré2013-06-261-1/+1
* debian: add missing permission fixes that were removed in beta1Antoine Beaupré2013-06-201-3/+5
* port backend-parse to drush 5Antoine Beaupré2013-06-201-1/+1
* use proper IP address in SSL site templateChristopher Gervais2013-06-192-14/+1
* add extra safety: don't remove empty ssl keysChristopher Gervais2013-06-191-0/+1