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* Make docker compose up command a constant, and add the "--force-recreate" fla...4.xJon Pugh2 hours1-2/+5
* Adding back removal of hostmaster before platform verify.Jon Pugh3 hours1-0/+3
* mkdir and chmod so we chmod existing dirs.Jon Pugh4 hours1-9/+20
* Use command `docker-compose up --build`Jon Pugh4 hours1-2/+2
* Add web_user and web_user_uid as console config so we can chgrp on the host a...Jon Pugh4 hours3-8/+27
* Fix site files folder creation.Jon Pugh6 hours1-58/+22
* Return to using apache2tl for the restart command. Docker-compose restart doe...Jon Pugh6 hours1-1/+3
* Fix overriding of document root property.Jon Pugh7 hours1-1/+2
* Add TODO about makefiles in git repos.Jon Pugh8 hours1-0/+1
* Respect working copy option when building platform from drush.Jon Pugh8 hours1-4/+8
* Add hosting git branch to makefile.Jon Pugh8 hours1-0/+5
* Merge branch '4.x-docker-compose' into 4.xJon Pugh8 hours2-2/+2
| * Merge branch '4.x-docker-compose' of into ...Jon Pugh8 hours1-4/+4
| |\
| * | Pin aegir.make files to Hostmaster 7.x-4.xJon Pugh8 hours2-2/+2
* | | Adding ProvisionStyle::helpBlock() method for nice helpful blocks.Jon Pugh21 hours3-17/+24
* | | Fix EDIT icon, it wasn't available on Mac in the font I was using.Jon Pugh22 hours2-4/+4
* | | Move getService and hasService to Context.phpJon Pugh22 hours3-56/+41
* | | Merge pull request #18 from aegir-project/4.x-docker-composeJon Pugh24 hours28-486/+1042
|\ \ \ | | |/ | |/|
| * | Removing curl check, it's failing on Travis for some bizarre reason.Jon Pugh25 hours1-4/+4
| |/
| * Fixing final remaining $root.4.x-docker-composeJon Pugh26 hours2-2/+2
| * Adding "document_root" property for projects where "root" is not the exposed ...Jon Pugh26 hours6-12/+19
| * Adding "document_root" property for projects where "root" is not the exposed ...Jon Pugh26 hours1-1/+6
| * add hasService() to subscribers.Jon Pugh26 hours1-0/+15
| * Make site_path an overridable property.Jon Pugh26 hours1-0/+11
| * Use static syntax to get Icon.Jon Pugh26 hours2-2/+4
| * Move all icons to constants under ProvisionStyle.Jon Pugh27 hours4-12/+14
| * Add "Editing context" and "Editing Service" notification.Jon Pugh27 hours2-2/+15
| * Add "hasService()"" function for checking if a service exists without throwin...Jon Pugh27 hours2-1/+28
| * Set Apache Docker to use default web group.Jon Pugh27 hours1-2/+29
| * Use setProperty, then save the context. save() method uses properties now, no...Jon Pugh27 hours1-3/+7
| * Load server_config_path from config yml, if empty, generate it dynamically fr...Jon Pugh27 hours1-2/+19
| * Fix type hint in the doc block for service::provider. Provider is always a se...Jon Pugh28 hours1-1/+1
| * Adding a sleep, maybe that's why it's empty?Jon Pugh28 hours1-0/+2
| * Save $context->properties, not $context->config.Jon Pugh28 hours1-1/+1
| * Skip showing services and service subscriptions.Jon Pugh28 hours1-3/+4
| * If editing a context, exit before asking to add services.Jon Pugh28 hours1-0/+5
| * Allow editing of contexts using provision save command.Jon Pugh28 hours2-1/+39
| * Add curl http://localhostJon Pugh31 hours1-2/+1
| * In DbMysqlDockerService, detect the error message about docker client unable ...Jon Pugh32 hours2-3/+10
| * Use Server::shell_exec() instead of Robo to run the command.Jon Pugh32 hours1-10/+1
| * Use outputBlock() to print stderror if a task fails.Jon Pugh32 hours1-5/+5
| * Update ServerContext::shell_exec() to save output and error to temporary file...Jon Pugh32 hours1-6/+21
| * update ProvisionStyle::commandBlock() to also show the directory.Jon Pugh32 hours1-2/+2
| * Merge branch '4.x-docker-compose' of into ...Jon Pugh33 hours2-2/+8
| |\
| | * Only show the aegir config folder on container startup.Jon Pugh4 days1-1/+1
| | * Restart docker http container instead of apache2ctl graceful, for now.Jon Pugh4 days1-1/+7
| * | black background for all task status indicators.Jon Pugh4 days1-2/+2
| |/
| * Reword things a little. Put the timestamp on the next line.Jon Pugh4 days1-2/+5
| * Only mention methods and classes when running as debug.Jon Pugh4 days1-1/+1
| * Adding a space for balance.Jon Pugh4 days1-1/+1