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authorAntoine Beaupré2013-05-16 23:03:39 (GMT)
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revert last changes to release process
we are keeping the old method of installing from git, which means we will install post-alpha2 code when there are commits to the frontend, but meh - we currently can't install alpha2 at all from git, so that's better. we at least need to download the hostmaster profile in aegir.make, but then that means it will recurse into hostmaster.make, so it means we need to fiddle with *that* code if we want have sticky branches there. the other alternative is to build from the distribution, but that's not supported by Drush make, only by pm-download.
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diff --git a/aegir.make b/aegir.make
index 84a2636..f0a70a3 100644
--- a/aegir.make
+++ b/aegir.make
@@ -3,4 +3,7 @@ api = 2
projects[drupal][type] = "core"
-includes[hostmaster] = ""
+projects[hostmaster][type] = "profile"
+projects[hostmaster][download][type] = "git"
+projects[hostmaster][download][url] = ""
+projects[hostmaster][download][branch] = "6.x-2.x"