BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2940702-settings-includesIssue #2940702 by Jon Pugh: Unable to override Drupal 8 in local.settings.php...Jon Pugh3 weeks
2941029-platform-wide-settingsIssue #2941029: Add platform-wide settings.php includesJon Pugh3 weeks
4.xUpdates README.mdJon Pugh9 days
4.x-cleanupMerge branch '4.x' into 4.x-cleanupJon Pugh13 days
4.x-nginxMerge branch '4.x' into 4.x-nginxJon Pugh13 days
4.x-notfoundexceptionAlways ask for URI and platform first... we might have to move platform to b...Jon Pugh10 days
4.x-platforms-optionalAdd -v to provision call so we can see our sweet logo.Jon Pugh12 days
7.x-3.14.xchange version information for release 3.142Herman van Rink11 days
7.x-3.xMerge branch '7.x-3.x' of into 7.x-3.xJon Pugh2 days
reorgRenaming class Aegir\Provision\ConfigDefinition\ContextNodeDefinition to Aegi...Jon Pugh5 days
7.x-3.143commit e39509b4fe...Herman van Rink3 days
7.x-3.142commit 786ee27829...Herman van Rink11 days
7.x-3.141commit 54dbbccccf...helmo12 days
7.x-3.140commit f2e5bf0615...Herman van Rink13 days
BOA-3.2.2commit 154a093686...Adam Andrzej Jaworski4 weeks
7.x-3.130commit 76ff44856c...Herman van Rink3 months
BOA-3.2.1commit 166fa43d7e...Adam Andrzej Jaworski5 months
7.x-3.121commit d48825b606...Herman van Rink5 months
7.x-3.120commit ecfa44e171...Herman van Rink5 months
7.x-3.11.2commit 168ccb1c57...Herman van Rink8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-03-07change version information for release 1.76.x-1.7Antoine Beaupré4-3/+13
2012-03-07Fix up the previous commit.Steven Jones2-15/+14
2012-03-07Add patch from #1062168 comment 6.Steven Jones2-2/+18
2012-03-06Revert "change version information for release 1.7"Antoine Beaupré4-13/+3
2012-03-06change version information for release 1.7Antoine Beaupré4-3/+13
2012-03-06hardcode 6.x in to avoid confusionAntoine Beaupré1-6/+7
2012-03-06we are native, no sense in using quilt anymoreAntoine Beaupré1-1/+0
2012-03-06fix my email addressAntoine Beaupré1-1/+1
2012-03-06edit the changelog in the scriptAntoine Beaupré1-2/+6
2012-03-06rebase instead of just pullAntoine Beaupré1-1/+2