BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.x-1.xFixing entity label #2296931detour3 years
masterIssue #1784296 by asgorobets: Fix issue with profile2 entities not indexed on...Alexei Gorobets5 years
7.x-1.6commit 8a56f088b3...Alexei Gorobets5 years
7.x-1.5commit f03cef656d...Patrick Waters5 years
7.x-1.4commit 1693f84834...Patrick Waters5 years
7.x-1.3commit 2780f5f420...Patrick Waters5 years
7.x-1.2commit 6ddc82b242...Patrick W6 years
7.x-1.1commit 4b9f4b57e2...kkuhnen6 years
7.x-1.0commit 33f9d8f1c3...Patrick W6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-01-25Issue #1784296 by asgorobets: Fix issue with profile2 entities not indexed on...HEAD7.x-1.6masterAlexei Gorobets1-43/+12
2012-12-12Issue #1825808 rolling patch7.x-1.5Patrick Waters1-1/+1
2012-10-04Messed up last commit, updating to new version of solr7.x-1.4Patrick Waters1-141/+142
2012-10-04Issue #1661752 and also updated to work with new version of solr7.x-1.3Patrick Waters1-2/+2
2012-06-12Making commit so it shows up on my user profilePatrick Waters1-1/+1
2012-03-30When profile2 entities changes they will be updated in solr7.x-1.2Patrick W1-2/+46
2012-03-05adding custom view mode for search index7.x-1.1kkuhnen1-0/+6
2012-03-05Adding second commit so the project shows up on my profile on drupal.org7.x-1.0Patrick W2-0/+161
2012-03-05Initial CommitPatrick W1-0/+6