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* #523618 by Berdir, litwol: Fixed Cancel link on delete message page.Sascha Grossenbacher2009-10-271-0/+81
* #444440 by Berdir | nbz: Added privatemsg_message_load_multiple().Sascha Grossenbacher2009-10-261-3/+3
* #583208 by Berdir | nbz: Added empty reply validation and more tests.Sascha Grossenbacher2009-10-221-34/+134
* #600812 by Berdir | igorik, nbz: Fixed duplicate recipients bug and added tests.Sascha Grossenbacher2009-10-121-0/+58
* #371861 by Berdir, nbz | litwol: Added feature to flush deleted messages.Sascha Grossenbacher2009-10-101-0/+52
* Genedar code cleanup through coder moduleOleg Terenchuk2009-01-261-2/+8
* This commit was manufactured as part of Drupal's Great Git Migration to6.x-1.0-rc1The Great Git Migration2008-12-151-0/+134