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* #873012 by Berdir | 1timer: Fixed incorrect query in update function.Sascha Grossenbacher2010-08-051-1/+1
* #502664 by Berdir | BenK, nbz, litwol: Added primary key to pm_index and remo...Sascha Grossenbacher2010-07-241-1/+62
* #432084 by nbz, Berdir | yaz085, Liliplanet: Added option to display new mess...Sascha Grossenbacher2010-07-121-0/+1
* #555016 by Berdir | neriweaver, trupal218, BenK, nbz, archard, nilsja, kriskd...Sascha Grossenbacher2010-07-061-4/+37
* #520390 by Berdir | drupup: Added option to configure the display of the send...Sascha Grossenbacher2010-01-041-0/+1
* #341370 by Berdir, nbz | sbydrupal, mrgoltra: Added 'Send msg to author' lin...Sascha Grossenbacher2010-01-021-0/+4
* #404044 by rmjiv | Berdir, nbz: Added setting that allows users to disable pr...Sascha Grossenbacher2010-01-021-2/+41
* Copy the current DRUPAL-6--1 branch to HEADSascha Grossenbacher2009-11-301-91/+194
* Mega commit: #314327 (message tagging) by nbz, Berdir. #314066 (upgrade path ...Oleg Terenchuk2008-12-121-9/+290
* #311541 by nbz, mrtoner, litwol: Freeze privatemsg db schema + msg delete fun...Oleg Terenchuk2008-10-141-18/+19
* #285516 by litwol: Messages now indicate read status, new messages block for ...Oleg Terenchuk2008-07-271-0/+8
* restoring missing fields in .install and removing dependency on privatemsgapi...Oleg Terenchuk2008-07-271-4/+11
* *** empty log message ***Oleg Terenchuk2008-06-101-0/+86
* removed HEADKaroly Negyesi2007-07-201-145/+0
* First few changes for drupal 5 compatibilityAlan Harder2007-01-271-0/+8
* #109205 Explicitly set default for author_del,recipient_delAlan Harder2007-01-261-2/+2
* #76755 Added DEFAULT '0' for folder columnAlan Harder2006-08-111-1/+1
* fix a couple ; that should be ,Alan Harder2006-06-101-2/+2
* Add table creation and utf8 update into privatemsg.install fileAlan Harder2006-06-091-0/+137