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+# translation of nl.po to
+# translation of privatemsg-module.po to
+# LANGUAGE translation of Drupal (privatemsg.module)
+# Generated from file: privatemsg.module,v 2006/06/11 16:36:05 mindless
+# Bèr Kessels <>, 2006.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: nl\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-06-12 16:03+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-06-12 16:28+0200\n"
+"Last-Translator: Bèr Kessels <>\n"
+"Language-Team: <>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=INTEGER; plural=EXPRESSION;\n"
+"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.2\n"
+#: privatemsg.module:10
+msgid "The private messaging module allows users to send messages to each other without having to share email addresses. An inbox link will appear in the navigation menu. The \"write to author\" links are included in posts, allowing users to write a private message instead of commenting openly. Allowing users to communicate directly is an important part of building the strength of the community."
+msgstr ""
+#: privatemsg.module:11
+msgid "Users can also select whether to receive email notices of new messages by editing their user profile. The contacts list contains only users that you have previously messaged. To contact users not in your list, you need to know their local user name. Administrators can set messaging options such as frequency of emails, message status display, and number of messages to display per page. They can also configure 'Write to Author' options."
+msgstr ""
+#: privatemsg.module:12
+msgid "<p>You can</p>\n<ul>\n<li>administer privatemsg at <a href=\"%admin-settings-privatemsg\">administer &gt;&gt; settings &gt;&gt; private message</a>.</li>\n<li>view your private messages at <a href=\"%privatemsg\">view inbox</a>.</li>\n"
+msgstr "<p>U kunt</p>\n<ul>\n<li>privatemsg administreren onder<a href=\"%admin-settings-privatemsg\">administratie &gt;&gt; instellingen&gt;&gt; privé berichten</a>.</li>\n<li>bekijk uw privé berichten onder <a href=\"%privatemsg\">postvak in bekijken</a>.</li>\n"
+#: privatemsg.module:17
+msgid "For more information please read the configuration and customization handbook <a href=\"%privatemsg\">Privatemsg page</a>."
+msgstr "Voor meer informatie, leest de <a href=\"%privatemsg\">Privatemesg pagina</a>."
+#: privatemsg.module:20
+msgid "Allows private messages between users."
+msgstr "Laat privé berichten tussen gebruikers toe."
+#: privatemsg.module:36
+msgid "write to author"
+msgstr "privé bericht aan auteur"
+#: privatemsg.module:55
+msgid "my inbox"
+msgstr "mijn postvak in"
+#: privatemsg.module:70;79;84;259;357
+msgid "Private messages"
+msgstr "Privé berichten"
+#: privatemsg.module:71
+msgid "send private message"
+msgstr "verstuur privé berichten"
+#: privatemsg.module:80
+msgid "<a href=\"%login\">login</a> or <a href=\"%register\">register</a> to send private messages to this user"
+msgstr "<a href=\"%login\"> aanmelden</a> of <a href=\"%register\"> registreren</a> om een privé bericht te versturen."
+#: privatemsg.module:85
+msgid "<a href=\"%login\">login</a> to send private messages to this user"
+msgstr "<a href=\"%login\"> aanmelden</a> om een privé bericht te versturen."
+#: privatemsg.module:96
+msgid "Private message settings"
+msgstr "Privé bericht instellingen"
+#: privatemsg.module:102
+msgid "Allow private messages"
+msgstr "Sta privé berichten toe"
+#: privatemsg.module:104
+msgid "Check this box to allow users to send you private messages."
+msgstr "Zet dit aan, om andere gebruikers berichten aan u te laten sturen."
+#: privatemsg.module:108
+msgid "Receive daily e-mail for unread messages"
+msgstr "Ontvang dagelijkse mails voor ongelezen berichten"
+#: privatemsg.module:110
+msgid "Check this box to receive e-mail notification for unread messages. Only one e-mail will be sent per day."
+msgstr "Zet aan, om e-mail notificaties te ontvangen voor ongelezen berichten. U ontvangt maximaal één mail per dag."
+#: privatemsg.module:124
+msgid "Private messaging max rate"
+msgstr "Privé berichten maximum ratio"
+#: privatemsg.module:127
+msgid "Max submit rate for private messaging. To prevent abuse."
+msgstr "Maximaal aantal berichten. Ter voorkoming van misbruikt."
+#: privatemsg.module:131
+msgid "Sent message status"
+msgstr "Verstuurd bericht status"
+#: privatemsg.module:133
+msgid "Disabled"
+msgstr "Uitgeschakeld"
+#: privatemsg.module:133
+msgid "Enabled"
+msgstr "Ingeschakeld"
+#: privatemsg.module:134
+msgid "If enabled users can see whether a message has been read or not."
+msgstr "Indien ingeschakeld aangezet, kunnen gebruikers zien of hun bericht gelezen is, of niet."
+#: privatemsg.module:138
+msgid "Messages per page"
+msgstr "Berichten per pagina"
+#: privatemsg.module:141
+msgid "The maximum number of messages displayed per page; links to browse messages automatically appear."
+msgstr "Het maximum aantal berichten dat per pagina weergegeven wordt. Links om naar de volgende berichten te bladeren zullen vanzelf worden weergegeven"
+#: privatemsg.module:146
+msgid "\"Write to author\" links"
+msgstr "\"Schrijf auteur\" links"
+#: privatemsg.module:150
+msgid "Display link with posts"
+msgstr "Laat link bij artikelen zien"
+#: privatemsg.module:153
+msgid "Provide a link to send private messages to users with posts they start."
+msgstr "Geeft een link weer, waarmee privé berichten aan de auteur van een bericht gestuurd kunnen worden."
+#: privatemsg.module:157
+msgid "Display link with comments"
+msgstr "Laat link bij commentaren zien"
+#: privatemsg.module:160
+msgid "Provide a link to send private messages to users with their comments."
+msgstr "Geeft een link om privé berichten aan auteurs te sturen bij commentaren."
+#: privatemsg.module:219
+msgid "New private messages at %site."
+msgstr "Nieuw privé bericht op %site"
+#: privatemsg.module:220
+msgid "Hi %name,\nThis is an automatic reminder from the site %site. You have %new unread private messages.\n\nTo read your messages, follow this link:\n%link1\n\nIf you don't want to receive these email again, change your preferences here:\n%link2"
+msgstr ""
+"Hallo %naam,\n"
+"Dit is een automatische herinnering van de site %site. U heeft %new ongelezen berichten. \n\n Om uw berichten te lezen, moet u deze link volgen: \n%link1\n\n Indien u deze berichten niet wilt ontvangen, kunt u de instellingen aanpassen op \n%link2"
+#: privatemsg.module:263
+msgid "Read message"
+msgstr "Lees bericht"
+#: privatemsg.module:264;272;279;286;328
+msgid "Home"
+msgstr "Start"
+#: privatemsg.module:264;272;279;286
+msgid "private messages"
+msgstr "privé berichten"
+#: privatemsg.module:266;271;278;709
+msgid "Write a new message"
+msgstr "Schrijf een nieuw bericht"
+#: privatemsg.module:282;467
+msgid "Send private message"
+msgstr "Stuur een privé bericht"
+#: privatemsg.module:289;699
+msgid "Move to folder"
+msgstr "Verplaats naar map"
+#: privatemsg.module:303;685
+msgid "Delete messages"
+msgstr "Berichten verwijderen"
+#: privatemsg.module:317;738
+msgid "New folder"
+msgstr "Nieuwe map"
+#: privatemsg.module:318;568
+msgid "Add folder"
+msgstr "Map toevoege"
+#: privatemsg.module:327
+msgid "Create new folder"
+msgstr "Nieuwe map aanmaken"
+#: privatemsg.module:333;719
+msgid "Delete folder"
+msgstr "Map verwijderen"
+#: privatemsg.module:342;727
+msgid "Empty folder"
+msgstr "Map legen"
+#: privatemsg.module:376;391
+msgid "Inbox"
+msgstr "Postvak in"
+#: privatemsg.module:383;396
+msgid "Sent messages"
+msgstr "Verstuurde berichten"
+#: privatemsg.module:419;420
+msgid "Re:"
+msgstr "Re:"
+#: privatemsg.module:433;598;766
+msgid "To"
+msgstr "Aan"
+#: privatemsg.module:439
+msgid "Contacts"
+msgstr "Contacten"
+#: privatemsg.module:452;599;767
+msgid "Subject"
+msgstr "Onderwerp"
+#: privatemsg.module:459
+msgid "Message"
+msgstr "Bericht"
+#: privatemsg.module:478
+msgid "The <em>Recipient</em> field is required."
+msgstr "Het <em>ontvanger</em> veld is vereist."
+#: privatemsg.module:486
+msgid "The <em>Recipient</em> does not exist."
+msgstr "De <em>ontvanger</em> bestaat niet."
+#: privatemsg.module:490
+msgid "%name does not accept private messages."
+msgstr "%name accepteert geen privé berichten."
+#: privatemsg.module:494
+msgid "The <em>Subject</em> field is required."
+msgstr "Het <em> Onderwerp</em> veld is vereist."
+#: privatemsg.module:498
+msgid "The <em>Message</em> field is required."
+msgstr "Het <em> Bericht</em> veld is vereist."
+#: privatemsg.module:502
+msgid "The supplied input format is invalid."
+msgstr "Het ingevulde invoerformaat is ongeldig."
+#: privatemsg.module:507
+msgid "Message sent."
+msgstr "Bericht verzonden."
+#: privatemsg.module:562
+msgid "Name"
+msgstr "Naam"
+#: privatemsg.module:597;766
+msgid "From"
+msgstr "Van"
+#: privatemsg.module:600;765
+msgid "Date"
+msgstr "Datum"
+#: privatemsg.module:606
+msgid "Reply to this message"
+msgstr "Bericht beantwoorden"
+#: privatemsg.module:609
+msgid "Delete this message"
+msgstr "Bericht verwijderen"
+#: privatemsg.module:609
+msgid "Are you sure to delete this message?"
+msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u dit bericht wilt verwijderen?"
+#: privatemsg.module:612
+msgid "List messages"
+msgstr "Lijst met berichten"
+#: privatemsg.module:616
+msgid "Error: you can't read this message"
+msgstr "Fout: u kunt dit bericht niet lezen"
+#: privatemsg.module:687
+msgid "Are you sure you want to delete these messages?"
+msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u deze berichten wilt verwijderen?"
+#: privatemsg.module:721
+msgid "Are you sure you want to delete this folder and all its messages?"
+msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u deze map met alle berichten wilt verwijderen?"
+#: privatemsg.module:729
+msgid "Are you sure you want to delete every message in this folder?"
+msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u alle berichten in deze map wilt verwijderen?"
+#: privatemsg.module:760
+msgid "No messages."
+msgstr "Geen berichten."
+#: privatemsg.module:170
+msgid "access private messages"
+msgstr "toegang tot privé berichten "
+#: privatemsg.module:0
+msgid "privatemsg"
+msgstr "privatemsg"