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* Remove XSS vulnerability in PF URLs list and unauthorized access to node titlesJoao Ventura2009-10-141-1/+57
* Update changelogJoao Ventura2009-05-131-1/+85
* Update changelogJoao Ventura2009-02-101-0/+7
* Update changelogJoao Ventura2009-02-051-0/+20
* Update changelogJoao Ventura2009-01-141-0/+18
* Update changelogJoao Ventura2008-12-091-0/+83
* Update changelogJoao Ventura2008-09-111-0/+67
* Update translationsJoao Ventura2008-08-041-0/+47
* Updated all translationsJoao Ventura2008-07-161-0/+17
* Add path-based visibility options to all modulesJoao Ventura2008-06-061-202/+48
* Added Danish translation. Thanks topsys!Joao Ventura2008-05-131-0/+94
* Align 6.x to HEADJoao Ventura2008-03-041-0/+161
* Sync documentation in HEAD with the 5.x versionJoao Ventura2007-11-071-12/+299
* summarize tonight's changesDavid Norman2005-12-211-1/+2
* Updated for 4.peter john hartman2005-12-201-0/+3
* * Created a print.tpl.php template file to give site admins control of what n...Matt Westgate2004-10-301-0/+3
* * Generate printer friendly pages for all node types. Features include the a...Matt Westgate2004-10-281-0/+7