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* Remove panels export in favor of the new bulk export module in CTools.Earl Miles2009-07-122-25/+0
* Updates pursuant to utilizing the new ctools bulk exporter.Sam Boyer2009-07-121-166/+0
* #460902: Fix version checking on clean install.Earl Miles2009-05-171-2/+2
* Update to require CTools based upon its advertised API version number.Earl Miles2009-05-051-0/+10
* Re-organize the administrative menu items, create an administrative dashboard.Earl Miles2009-04-301-4/+5
* Extricate the modal form entirely from Panels 3. It now lives only in CTools.Earl Miles2009-01-151-1/+2
* Update panels exporter to D6Earl Miles2008-08-052-35/+47
* Initial D6 work -- this includes only panels.module stuff. Right now the drag...Earl Miles2008-07-163-0/+167