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* #970076: Remove old hook_update functions.Earl Miles2011-01-071-1291/+112
* #932632 by mikeytown2: Fix notice in .install file.Earl Miles2010-10-191-0/+1
* #879482 by mvc: Ensure Panels and CTools module files are loaded during updat...Earl Miles2010-10-191-0/+7
* Integrate 7.x port work done in git back into CVS.Sam Boyer2010-10-111-16/+2
* Merging DRUPAL-6--3 into HEAD for 7.x work. Some manually-resolved mergeSam Boyer2010-09-071-5/+222
* Catching HEAD back up with all the changes on DRUPAL-6--3. Now ready to move ...Sam Boyer2010-01-211-35/+1173
* Merging DRUPAL-6--2 back into HEAD before branching to DRUPAL-6--3.Sam Boyer2008-11-211-3/+3
* Added ALPHA warning, just in case people miss all the other signs, too...Sam Boyer2008-09-031-0/+3
* Initial D6 work -- this includes only panels.module stuff. Right now the drag...Earl Miles2008-07-161-29/+141
* Panels module, son of dashboard. Initial commit. Thanks to sepeck and eaton f...Earl Miles2006-07-221-0/+38