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* Rearrange the pane dropdown menus to be better organized and look a little ni...Earl Miles2009-10-071-1/+20
* Remove some outdated, unnecessary files and add jQuery version protection so ...Earl Miles2009-10-055-526/+488
* Fix really really annoying issue with drag & drop UI breaking after content w...Earl Miles2009-08-061-11/+12
* Change use of "content" div to "pane-content" and "title" to "pane-title" to ...Earl Miles2009-07-211-2/+2
* Fix preview to work on mini panels and panel nodes.Earl Miles2009-05-011-1/+1
* Returned the allowed content settings form to panel pageEarl Miles2009-04-301-1/+3
* Add a live preview widget to the panel content edit page.Earl Miles2009-04-221-9/+16
* Introducing the new version of flexible which is both more powerful and comes...Earl Miles2009-03-241-0/+10
* Extricate the modal form entirely from Panels 3. It now lives only in CTools.Earl Miles2009-01-154-1298/+0
* Some major restructuring, catching up to CTools. This is very much in process...Earl Miles2008-12-161-381/+0
* Forgot this fileEarl Miles2008-08-041-0/+27
* Finish up ajax context editing stuff.Earl Miles2008-08-041-5/+8
* Just need to get the delete button working and then go through all the contex...Earl Miles2008-07-312-42/+59
* Adding forgotten files; does not really work yet, so do no...Earl Miles2008-07-253-41/+73
* Initial D6 work -- this includes only panels.module stuff. Right now the drag...Earl Miles2008-07-1610-0/+2190