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* D6 FAPI compliance updatesSam Boyer2008-08-311-11/+13
* More pertinent sample implementation of hook_panels_include_directory() addedSam Boyer2008-08-301-0/+13
* updated docblock on panels_load_hooks with specifics on preferred usageSam Boyer2008-08-301-3/+14
* updated docblocks on panels_get_include_directories and panels_panels_include...Sam Boyer2008-08-301-3/+24
* Removed some calls to debugging functions that made it in.Sam Boyer2008-08-231-5/+0
* Checkpoint checkin. Slightly less broken panels_page, but not that much less ...Earl Miles2008-08-224-19/+85
* View panes display plugin. Note that this checkin may break a bunch of conten...Earl Miles2008-08-182-9/+21
* Added missing panels_load_include('ajax') call.Sam Boyer2008-08-181-0/+1
* Added an !empty() call for E_NOTICE compliance.Sam Boyer2008-08-181-1/+1
* Tweaked pane rendering to skip creating a title if no title was returned by t...Sam Boyer2008-08-181-21/+23
* Just adding minor phpdocSam Boyer2008-08-071-1/+1
* Part one of Views re-integration -- the equivalent of the old panels views le...Earl Miles2008-08-061-0/+24
* Update panels exporter to D6Earl Miles2008-08-051-0/+17
* Panel nodes ported to D6Earl Miles2008-08-041-31/+11
* Finish up ajax context editing stuff.Earl Miles2008-08-041-89/+50
* Just need to get the delete button working and then go through all the contex...Earl Miles2008-07-313-267/+219
* Adding forgotten files; does not really work yet, so do no...Earl Miles2008-07-254-997/+1038
* Forward-port of fix to handling of how hook_panels_include_directory() handlesSam Boyer2008-07-241-23/+33
* Initial port of panels mini; still need to work on the "context" ajax stuff a...Earl Miles2008-07-242-16/+4
* Update panels node legacy to D6; renaming to just panels_node_content (Node p...Earl Miles2008-07-232-2/+3
* Templatize all panel layouts; give each layout its own directory for cleanlin...Earl Miles2008-07-234-7/+10
* Some minor corrections to last commit that prevented it from basically working.Earl Miles2008-07-162-146/+1
* Initial D6 work -- this includes only panels.module stuff. Right now the drag...Earl Miles2008-07-168-0/+5503