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+The API for expanding the panels module comes in two pieces. First there is the
+layout API, which adds to the list of layouts you need. Second is the content
+types API, which lets modules supply content to the panels. Natively, panels
+module supports the content types of 'block', which just renders the output
+of a block, 'node' which simply renders a node_view, 'custom' which allows the
+user to enter custom content with filtering, and finally 'views' because I
+wrote them both.
+Where to put your code:
+With both types, there are two ways to implement a new type. First, you can
+implement the hook in your module and provide the necessary data. Or you
+can create a .inc file in the right format, and drop it into the proper
+directory in the panels module. Both are very similar, and only requires
+a minor naming adjustment.
+When using the .inc file, in place of 'hook' in the various hooks, use
+Creating a new Layout Type:
+A layout consists of 4 things:
+1) A bit of HTML in a theme function. I use heredoc notation to make it
+ extra easy to convert these to files in case they are to
+ be overridden in php template.
+2) A bit of CSS to describe how the layout should be, well, laid out.
+3) An icon that is 50x75 which gives the user a visual indication of
+ what the layout looks like.
+4) An implementation of hook_panels_layouts() to tell panels the necessary
+ information.
+hook_panels_layouts returns an array with the following information:
+'module' => The module name providing this. This is necessary because it
+ uses drupal_get_path('module', $module) to get the proper
+ path for included CSS.
+'title' => The title of the layout presented to the user. Use t().
+'icon' => The filename of the icon to use when listing avialable layouts.
+'theme' => The theme function that contains the HTML, without the theme_
+ part.
+'css' => The CSS file.
+'content areas' => an array in the form of 'name' => t('Title') of content
+ areas supported by the layout. For example, the simple
+ 2 column layout uses array('left' => t('Left side'),
+ 'right' => t('Right side')); -- the name is the internal
+ identifier. Your theme function will see it as
+ $content['name'] (so twocol gets $content['left'] and
+ $content['right']).
+Creating a new Content Type:
+Content types require 1 hook and two callbacks. The hook defines what content
+types are available, the first callback displays the content in a dashboard,
+and the other callback does all of the administrative functions.
+hook_panels_content_types returns an array with the following information:
+'callback' => The function to display the content.
+'admin' => The function to administer the content.
+The callback function receives one argument: The $configuration array, as
+defined by the administrative callback.
+The administrative callback recieves 3 arguments:
+$op -- the operation to perform. See below.
+&$arg1 -- The first argument should be a reference and its meaning varies
+ based on the op.
+$arg2 -- The second argument is optional, not a reference, and should
+ default to NULL.
+Administrative operations:
+'list': $arg1 is the configuration array.
+ This op is called when panels lists what content is in a content
+ area. It generally returns something similar to this:
+ return '<strong>Views</strong>: ' . $view->name . ' (' . $view->description . ')';
+'add button': arguments not used here.
+ This op is called to display the 'add content type' button; it can also
+ display additional information (such as the list of blocks or the
+ autocomplete to select a node).
+ The actual button should look something like this:
+ $form['submit'] = array(
+ '#type' => 'button',
+ '#value' => t('Add view'),
+ );
+ And it's a good idea to do this, but it's not required:
+ $form['#prefix'] = '<div class="container-inline">';
+ $form['#suffix'] = '</div>';
+'add': $arg1 == the $configuration array
+ This op is called to see if your add button has been clicked. It *must*
+ start off by checking to see if this is true:
+ if ($_POST['op'] != t('Add view')) {
+ return;
+ }
+ If it is true, it should process that information and return a $configuration
+ array populated from whatever other form items were presented in 'add button'
+ and whatever defaults make sense.
+'edit': $arg1 == the $configuration array
+ This op is called to provide an edit form for a content type. It *must*
+ ensure *all* information from the conf array is available, even if it
+ is just hidden; panels has no way to remember this data between form
+ clicks, so any data not put here will be lost. No buttons need to be
+ added to the form.
+'validate': $arg1 == $form_values, $arg2 == $form
+ Called to validate the 'edit' form above.
+'save': $arg1 == $form_values
+ Called to convert a $form_values back into a $configuration array. All
+ of the default types just send $form_values back as $configuration,
+ but if you need to do some kind of transformation, this is where it
+ happens.
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Perhaps most importantly, unlike the dashboard module it requires no fiddling
with PHP code to include the things you want; the interface lets you add blocks,
-nodes and custom content just by selecting and clicking. \ No newline at end of file
+nodes and custom content just by selecting and clicking.
+If you want to override the CSS of a panel, the easiest way is to just copy
+the CSS into your theme directory and tweak; panels will look there before
+including the CSS from the module, and if it exists, will not include the
+module's CSS. If you want to just change a tiny bit but keep the basic
+structure, just add your changes to your style.css instead. \ No newline at end of file
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-? content type: phptemplate
+This is a brief list of the things that may still need to be done. No guarantee
+of them ever getting done.
+content type: phptemplate
-content templates:
- 1 x 2 x 1
- 3 col -- even
access control to pages
access control to content types
dashboard node extension
-write help
-document plugin API
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function panels_threecol_25_50_25_panels_layouts() {
$items['threecol_25_50_25'] = array(
'module' => 'panels',
- 'path' => 'layouts',
'title' => t('Three column 25/50/25'),
'icon' => 'layouts/threecol_25_50_25.png',
'theme' => 'panels_threecol_25_50_25',
diff --git a/layouts/ b/layouts/
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--- a/layouts/
+++ b/layouts/
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@
function panels_threecol_25_50_25_stacked_panels_layouts() {
$items['threecol_25_50_25_stacked'] = array(
'module' => 'panels',
- 'path' => 'layouts',
'title' => t('Three column 25/50/25 stacked'),
'icon' => 'layouts/threecol_25_50_25_stacked.png',
'theme' => 'panels_threecol_25_50_25_stacked',
diff --git a/layouts/ b/layouts/
index 429db38..b732e70 100644
--- a/layouts/
+++ b/layouts/
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
function panels_threecol_33_34_33_panels_layouts() {
$items['threecol_33_34_33'] = array(
'module' => 'panels',
- 'path' => 'layouts',
'title' => t('Three column 33/34/33'),
'icon' => 'layouts/threecol_33_34_33.png',
'theme' => 'panels_threecol_33_34_33',
diff --git a/layouts/ b/layouts/
index 4af9abc..fd34a34 100644
--- a/layouts/
+++ b/layouts/
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@
function panels_threecol_33_34_33_stacked_panels_layouts() {
$items['threecol_33_34_33_stacked'] = array(
'module' => 'panels',
- 'path' => 'layouts',
'title' => t('Three column 33/34/33 stacked'),
'icon' => 'layouts/threecol_33_34_33_stacked.png',
'theme' => 'panels_threecol_33_34_33_stacked',
diff --git a/layouts/ b/layouts/
index 28e6a5e..01f6a3c 100644
--- a/layouts/
+++ b/layouts/
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
function panels_twocol_panels_layouts() {
$items['twocol'] = array(
'module' => 'panels',
- 'path' => 'layouts',
'title' => t('Two column'),
'icon' => 'layouts/twocol.png',
'theme' => 'panels_twocol',
diff --git a/layouts/ b/layouts/
index fc1a2c9..72266c7 100644
--- a/layouts/
+++ b/layouts/
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@
function panels_twocol_stacked_panels_layouts() {
$items['twocol_stacked'] = array(
'module' => 'panels',
- 'path' => 'layouts',
'title' => t('Two column stacked'),
'icon' => 'layouts/twocol_stacked.png',
'theme' => 'panels_twocol_stacked',