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* Added a CSS fix for img's that had a weird space below them.Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-221-0/+4
* Added support for additional fluid grids / Added functionality to hide certai...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-2219-13/+48
* updating screenshot.png images@himerus2011-04-211-0/+0
* template default updates for xhtml starterkit, omega and alpha@himerus2011-04-211-2/+2
* Added the possibility to add the debugging blocks only to regions that would ...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-213-1/+8
* Added the ability to toggle core elements like , , etc. (in the same way that...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-216-8/+47
* Added a feature that allows regions and zones to be rendered even if they are...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-214-5/+27
* Added optional additional zone wrapper CSS classes as a feature.Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-214-4/+31
* Removed the debug responsive grid indicator for non-responsive grids.Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-211-2/+2
* Removed the comment on alpha_theme_get_setting that said that we needed to ch...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-202-6/+1
* Adapted the theme-settings to use the new 'enabled' attribute for zones and r...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-204-11/+11
* Improved preprocess_page slightly.Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-201-20/+18
* Brought back 'enabled' for zones and regions. 'Enabled' is now being automati...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-203-11/+18
* Finally converted (almost?) everything to be using instead of and . Some co...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-2016-179/+107
* Renaming the Section configuration tab to 'Zone configuration'Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-192-24/+15
* Changed the section / zone configuration in the theme-settings UI. Zones can ...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-197-107/+59
* Improved the section wrappers in the theme settings UI and added some wrapper...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-1910-71/+142
* Adding 24-column fluid gridSebastian Siemssen2011-04-191-117/+277
* Adding fluid grid cssSebastian Siemssen2011-04-195-0/+1031
* Removed krumo()Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-191-1/+1
* Provide defaults for , , , and and in OmegaSebastian Siemssen2011-04-196-30/+15
* Fixed a bug in the hook registry (was completly broken) and removed the fake ...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-1913-256/+31
* Started to add comments and documentation to - Fixed some minor 'bu...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-193-161/+459
* Added support for disabling / excluding core, contrib module and theme styles...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-185-60/+143
* Fixed a bug that caused the Logo to not being renderedSebastian Siemssen2011-04-182-8/+10
* Fixed a bug in the region select options for the special blocksSebastian Siemssen2011-04-182-5/+6
* Added support for all Alpha 'fake blocks' / Added page title in region--conte...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-1824-224/+356
* updating branding block to respect visibility settings for site name and slog...@himerus2011-04-184-6/+9
* adding omega logo.png; minor notice warning fixes@himerus2011-04-172-6/+6
* adding default text.css to Omega, setting up Alpha with a first pass at rende...@himerus2011-04-175-5/+78
* adding some default node and block preprocessing back@himerus2011-04-172-0/+87
* update for alpha_invoke to use drupal_static@himerus2011-04-171-2/+1
* variable_get was being called 10s of times in alpha_invoke on the theme load....Jesse Beach2011-04-161-1/+4
* Merge branch '7.x-3.x' of into 7.x-3.x@himerus2011-04-168-47/+87
| * Just a little cleanup ...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-157-7/+36
| * Added some minor performance tweaks and fixed optional responsive css inclusionSebastian Siemssen2011-04-151-40/+51
* | adding default css resets for core; updating theme settings ui to wrap zones ...@himerus2011-04-166-22/+73
* | some basic CSS updates and resets for core styles@himerus2011-04-163-1/+44
* Added weight support for optional CSS filesSebastian Siemssen2011-04-154-10/+22
* updating to enable stylesheets by default@himerus2011-04-151-0/+1
* adding a default alpha and mobile css to
* adding in some defaults for alpha & omega .info settings@himerus2011-04-151-1/+11
* updating reset.css from 2.x to preserve readability and usability in firebug@himerus2011-04-151-25/+53
* grid.css and grid-rtl.css are now part of each responsive layoutSebastian Siemssen2011-04-1512-136/+184
* Inline CSS debug image url needs to be wrapped in url()Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-151-2/+1
* Tweaking the regions preprocessor to exclude 'artificially' created regions w...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-153-42/+32
* Fixed optional CSS settingsSebastian Siemssen2011-04-154-29/+10
* Improved alpha_grid_settings to actually check wether the values are valid (a...Sebastian Siemssen2011-04-154-8/+15
* No longer passing the pull values by referenceSebastian Siemssen2011-04-152-3/+9
* Increasing #maxlength for @media queries to 255 charactersSebastian Siemssen2011-04-154-34/+33