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authorBarracuda Team2013-04-16 16:36:37 +0200
committerBarracuda Team2013-04-16 16:36:37 +0200
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Improve messages displayed when fix_locales discovers broken locales.
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--- a/
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@@ -2130,19 +2130,21 @@ fix_locales () {
cat <<EOF
Locales on this system are broken or not installed
- and/or not configured correctly yet. This is "default"
- issue at RackSpaceCloud (and maybe others).
+ and/or not configured correctly yet. This is a known
+ issue on some systems/hosts which either don't configure
+ locales at all or don't use UTF-8 compatible locales
+ during initial OS setup.
We will fix this problem for you now, so you shouldn't
use any tricks to change system/ssh settings before
- running this Barracuda installer.
+ running this installer.
You can experience problems if your SSH client
forces locales other than en_US.UTF-8 we are using by default.
- You should log out when Barracuda will finish all its tasks
+ You should log out when this installer will finish all its tasks
and display last line with "BYE!" and then log in again
- to see the result (and possibly run Octopus installer).
+ to see the result.
We will continue in 10 seconds...