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* Issue #2639572 by digitaldonkey: Wrong ClassnamesHEAD8.x-2.xdigitaldonkey2016-05-192-2/+9
* Issue #2729431 by mikeryan: Remove extraneous space from dependencyMike Ryan2016-05-191-1/+1
* Issue #2694593 by pguillard: Make project compatible with 8.1.x+pguillard2016-05-191-1/+1
* Issue #2694593 by heddn: Make project compatible with 8.1.x+lucashedding2016-04-272-2/+2
* Issue #2612726 by mikeryan: Coding conventions: short array syntax8.x-1.xMike Ryan2015-11-103-27/+27
* Issue #2612724 by mikeryan: Fix messagingMike Ryan2015-11-101-11/+4
* Issue #2612716 by mikeryan: Fix namespacing issuesMike Ryan2015-11-103-13/+14
* Issue #2500955 by mbaynton: Initial implementatio of XML source pluginmbaynton2015-11-094-0/+879