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+This documentation is intended for users of the location module that need help
+with various tasks relating to the features of the locations module. It is updated
+on subsequent revisions based on requests for support and frequently asked questions.
+Integrating location module with CiviCRM
+If you installed CivicSpace with CiviCRM and have CiviCRM enabled, then your CiviCRM
+should already be set up to save addresses via the location module as well as with
+CiviCRM's own admin interface.
+However this depends on making sure that you have a CiviCRM profile activated that
+records user addresses. Again, this profile was enabled for CiviCRM out of the box
+with default CivicSpace installs. However, if you disabled the profile, or are
+working with CiviCRM in a seperate Drupal installation, you may want to read on
+to find out how to set up your CiviCRM to interact with your location module:
+ Set up the 'address' profile in the CiviCRM admininstration:
+(a) To do this, you need to go to 'q=civicrm/admin/uf/group". Here, you will see a listing
+ of CiviCRM profiles. If you see one called address and it is enabled, then you're
+ ready to go.
+(b) However, if you don't see one, you will want to click the link labelled
+ ">> New CiviCRM Profile".
+(c) This will take you to a page where you will be prompted for a name for your new
+ CiviCRM profile. Enter 'address' as the name.
+(d) Now, you will be taken back to the listing of CiviCRM profiles where you will want
+ to click the link that allows you to "View and Edit Fields" in your newly created
+ profile.
+(e) Add fields in the following order (where you select the below field names in a drop
+ down):
+ Street Address
+ Supplemental Address 1
+ City
+ State
+ Postal Code
+ Country
+ For each of these, assign a weight of '0' and decide whether you want each of these
+ fields to show up on your site's registration forms (there will be a checkbox for
+ this for each field you add to the profile).
+After taking these steps, users will be able to edit their addresses in their user
+accounts. Addresses submitted this way will registered both by the CiviCRM module
+and the location module. This means that both module's features will be applicable
+to user addresses.