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* Issue #3012733 by anon: Use mb_* functions instead of Unicode::* methodsanon2018-11-103-5/+3
* Issue #2930171 by slashrsm, anon: Support core Media entity8.x-5.0-beta7slashrsm2018-03-032-30/+51
* Issue #2948901 by anon: Failing tests for D8.5.xanon2018-02-281-1/+5
* by anon: Make tests run againEmil Stjerneman2017-11-131-6/+8
* Issue #2915618 by acbramley: Fix coding standards so tests runZombienaute2017-11-121-1/+1
* Issue #2866525 by acbramley, realityloop, anon: Direct link to file of linked...Zombienaute2017-05-291-0/+66
* Issue #2863117 by anon: Remove IMCE integrationanon2017-03-221-15/+18
* Issue #2844466 by anon, ckaotik: Insert external link on form submitanon2017-03-225-38/+24
* Issue #2844788 by anon: Add a contact form matcheranon2017-02-281-0/+53
* by anon: Use short array syntaxEmil Stjerneman2017-01-086-26/+26
* Issue #2836324 by harsha012, anon: coding standard issueEmil Stjerneman2017-01-082-4/+5
* Issue #2827154 by jonathanshaw, anon: Stop rendering field token as plain tex...Emil Stjerneman2016-12-014-0/+83
* by anon: Fixed failing testsEmil Stjerneman2016-12-011-12/+12
* by anon: Minor test fixes.8.x-5.0-beta3Emil Stjerneman2016-09-172-30/+2
* by anon: Use separate fields for data attributes in the dialog.Emil Stjerneman2016-09-016-81/+29
* Issue #2789021 by anon: URL substitutions plugins are too ambiguousanon2016-08-306-24/+35
* Issue #2786049 by Sam152, anon: Make entity URL substitutions pluggable to su...sam2016-08-223-3/+86
* by anon: Added help textEmil Stjerneman2016-07-221-6/+0
* Issue #2766593 by anon: Make the EntityMatcherDeriver more strict8.x-5.0-beta2anon2016-07-141-0/+55
* by anon: Added key_value_expire schema to failing testsEmil Stjerneman2016-07-121-0/+1
* Issue #2763791 by anon: Refactor how autocomplete results are handledEmil Stjerneman2016-07-116-65/+75
* by anon: Fixed failing tests8.x-5.0-beta1Emil Stjerneman2016-07-081-4/+4
* Issue #2763211 by anon: Title attributes are overwritten by linkit_filterEmil Stjerneman2016-07-081-0/+16
* Issue #1893300 by anon: Show link info in LinkIt dialoganon2016-07-071-0/+267
* by anon: Moved ProfileCreationTrait due to failing tests.Emil Stjerneman2016-07-041-1/+1
* by anon: Coding standardsEmil Stjerneman2016-07-0110-22/+22
* by anon: Converted simpletests to Kernal tests and Browser tests.Emil Stjerneman2016-07-0110-0/+1118