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Updated changelog with all new things in 7.x-2.27.x-2.2
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Linkit x.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx
-Linkit 7.x-2.2, xxxx-xx-xx
+Linkit 7.x-2.2, 2012-03-28
+- Removed whitespace from the user plugin.
+- Fixed miss spelled path.
+- Added a new way that plugins will be extended on.
+- Made the function description better for linkit_entity_info_alter().
+- Implemented hook_entity_info_alter to control which entities that works with
+ linkit.
+- Added a contructor method to the user plugin.
+- Fixed Issue #1423316: Theme key '_linkit_theme_profile_form_table' not found.
+- Fixed Issue #1459832: If there is no selection, add the result title as the
+ link text.
+- Fixed issue #1489980: Use term 'managed files' for file plugin.
+- Fixed Issue #1464178: Setting: Group by bundle seem to have no effect.
+- Added broken handler check.
+- Added handler broken class.
+- Fixed coding standards.
+- Fixed notice warning when plugins did not have a buildSettingsForm method.
+- Fixed error in update 7202.
+- Fixed error in the default buildDescription.
+- Change filename for the file where the default plugin interface and classes
+ are implemented.
+- Added some documentation about the new plugins.
+- Added update function for old plugin settings.
+- Fixed undefined index issue in entity plugin.
+- Fixed JS error when no profile was found in the modal.
+- Issue #1435946 - Deleted the defualt profile hook and added a message about
+ adding new profiles when Linkit is installed.
+- Added Linkit to the contextmenu in TinyMCE.
+- Issue #1417452: Linkit menu option in CKeditor Context Menu.
+- Added support for the token module.
+- Added description about tokens in the result description settings.
+- Added extract tokens function.
+- Fixed the fieldset state in the profile settings form.
+- Fixed method name issue.
+- Added class documentation.
+- Change searchString to search_string.
+- Added documentation for this class.
+- Use FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT instead of 1 in the query.
+- Removed the 'path auto callback' as this is not really needed.
+- Fixed file buildGroup and buildDescription.
+- Started working on the file plugin.
+- Deleted old plugin files.
+- Fixed issue with bundle filtering.
+- Fixed basic start for the new profile system.
+- New plugin system, basic support for entities, nodes, users, terms.
+- Beginning of generic entity support
+- Added EntityFieldQuery support for entities.
+- Issue #1412482: Fix the changelog for 7.x-2.x
+- Issue 1395506: Rows with unpublished nodes needs to have a visual difference
+ in the search results.
+- Issue #1395102: Page scrolls to top when user clicks Cancel button
Linkit 7.x-2.1, 2012-01-05
-Issue #1394052 - Linkit causing other modules' attach behaviors to fail.
+- Issue #1394052 - Linkit causing other modules' attach behaviors to fail.
Linkit 7.x-2.0, 2011-12-27