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Linkit provides an **enriched linking experience for internal and external
-linking** with editors by using an autocomplete field. Linkit links to all
-entities by default.
-Key features
-* Search content with an autocomplete field.
-* Basic support for all entities.
-* Token support for result descriptions.
-* Settings are handled by profiles. Thus, it is possible to customize the
- behavior of Linkit in detail.
+linking** with editors by using an autocomplete field. Linkit has by default
+support for nodes, users, taxonomy terms, files, comments and
+**basic support for all types of entities** that defines a canonical link
@@ -34,7 +25,8 @@ When you have created a profile, you need to enable the Linkit plugin on the
text format you want to use. Formats are found at
+Plugins examples
There are plugin implementation examples in the linkit_test module bundled with