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* added in support for showing html page in an iframe.Stella Power2008-04-233-3/+3
* #247505 - fix for flickering of scrollbarsStella Power2008-04-223-0/+3
* added in slideshow supportStella Power2008-04-215-0/+171
* fixed typoStella Power2008-04-093-3/+3
* #237580 - added in css snippet to hide html elements with a certain class name,Stella Power2008-04-083-0/+12
* #219376 - added a "zoom out" or "contract" button to return a zoomed in image toStella Power2008-02-143-0/+27
* #212460 - added right-to-left (rtl) language support. Original patch providedStella Power2008-01-282-0/+222
* Fixed $Id$ line.Stella Power2008-01-283-0/+3
* fix for caption and keyboard msg text not appearing in IE.Stella Power2008-01-181-0/+2
* fixes for safari browserStella Power2007-10-081-1/+1
* added in credit for original layoutStella Power2007-10-051-0/+5
* added in ability to force prev and next images to be displayed along withStella Power2007-10-051-2/+15
* new alternative layout for lightboxStella Power2007-10-051-0/+148
* IE tweakStella Power2007-10-041-1/+0
* fixed prob with hardcoded paths for loading and close imagesStella Power2007-10-041-0/+19
* changes for #179896 - replaced prev, next and close text images with imagesStella Power2007-10-041-12/+9
* missed one pathStella Power2007-09-271-1/+1
* lightbox.css and lightbox_lite.css have been moved to a "css/" subdirectory andStella Power2007-09-272-0/+189